IGT to launch a new headset for casino lovers to enjoy VR gaming

IGT to use HTC VIVE headset for VR casino

IGT’s Virtual Zone platform is about to receive the boost it has been waiting for (the platform allows players to take part in a range of VR games for cash prizes). Players will be pitted against each other on the casino floor where the winner takes all.

The VR platform will use HTC’s VIVE headset, which has enjoyed good reviews applauding its design and functionality. The headset is developed by HTC in conjunction Valve Corporation, a game developing company. The headset is set to feature a variety of games from different game developers. One of the games that will be featured is Arcade Saga, which was developed at HTC’s content developing division VIVE studios.

IGT Virtual Reality Casino

The Virtual Zone is the initial VR product IGT have introduced for mass consumption. It also signifies a first for HTC who have not been involved with the world of wagering before. The virtual gaming platform may be uncharted waters for both IGT and HTC but Boyd Gaming
has already introduced it their Las Vegas casino, Orleans Hotel and Casino. The casino uses the VR platform for slot machines and players can win themselves slot credits as they play.

IGT is also slated to launch its own software development kit (SDK). The software development kit is meant to support the VR platform as well as aid other developers looking to create VR content.

Joel Breton, the Vice President of Global Content at HTC VIVE, noted how fast the VR experience has gained traction and is keen on capitalizing on this through the new partnership with IGT. According to Breton, the headset aims at offering the best experience when it comes to VR gaming and especially in tournaments.

From IGT, Enrico Drago, the Senior Vice President at IGT’s global marketing, betting and licensing division, was elated at the partnership. The senior VP commented on HTC VIVE’s command of the VR gaming sector, which makes HTC the right partner for such an endeavor.

Drago said IGT is looking to provide captivating content that users will enjoy on different platforms. He referred to Arcade Saga as proof that IGT’s SDK is relevant to the current market and usable for cross-platform VR games. The VP also added that they are readying themselves to provide even more exciting content to fill up IGT’s catalogue of VR games.

”Dette er virkelig gode nyheter. Vi håper at denne teknologien vil bli implementert i alle casino i Norge.”

English: “This is really good news. We hope that this technology will be implemented in all Norwegian casinos.”

When it comes to VR gaming, the playing field is open to any gaming companies to provide what content they can. Though VR gaming has been adopted fully in other gaming spheres, it is yet to be established in casinos.