Unika Stenhus: Next Level Architecture with Sustainable Concrete Houses

Unika Stenhus is a Swedish architectural firm held as a front runner in creating sustainable concrete houses in Scandinavia. Stone houses that showcase progressive design, diverse flexibility, and innovative solutions that all in all foster a better place for future generations.

Unika Stenhus’ distinct stone houses (betongvillor) are the brainchild of architect Ola Torrång. Its beginnings date back to his time spent working in Japan. Inspired by the Japanese architecture integrating flexibility, simplicity, and ecological consciousness, he began developing the first prototypes of stone houses with a mind for the Swedish sustainable concept of architecture. This was in the late 70s.

Fast forward today, and Ola Torrång’s stone houses are recognized as one of the standards for sustainable housing without sacrificing the joys of living. Unika Stenhus has not only established this reputation in Scandinavia, but in the global scene as well.

The Unika Stenhus Concept

The Unika Stenhus architecture involved in its concrete houses provide well-thought out solutions that address the growing concern of energy conservation. This is why Ola Torrång has developed a concrete house that is the model of sustainability.

Architect Ola Torrång - Unika Stenhus

From the concrete foundation to the red tile roof with concrete elements, this house is basically maintenance free. Barring the short term use of resources and expense necessary in using concrete as a construction material, the value of the house is exponentially increased. Concrete is an extremely durable material – never prone to fire, decay, pest infestations, natural calamities, etc.

Ola’s concrete houses are proven to conserve energy as its walls are an effective insulator. It absorbs heat during the day and slowly releases it at night, keeping a well-balanced temperature 24/7. The ceiling light dome provides ample illumination during the day. It can also be opened to release warm air. Together, these inclusions in Unika Stenhus’ concrete houses significantly reduce electric bills.

Fully Customizable Home

Every Unika Stenhus concrete house is fully customizable for the needs and comforts of a household.  A guarantee that all Unika Stenhus’ designs are not just a house, but a home too, equipped with the joys of living.

This concrete house has no load-bearing partition walls and roof trusses. It has strategically placed windows. This design allows for easy extension and contraction to maximize spaces inside the house without going through extensive renovations. The house is big enough with seven rooms; but it can expand into eight rooms easily enough by moving the partition walls and vice versa. Perfect for a growing family.

Unika Stenhus secon floor winter garden

Little additions to the Unika Stenhus promotes comfortable living. A cozy winter garden on both floors of the house allows you to grow fresh produce. A recessed space on the outer walls can make for great book shelves, a TV rack or even a space to hang paintings. A washing area on the second floor connected to the laundry room can be integrated. A love alcove where you can relax and meditate, a fish pond, and even a ready table on the bathroom.

The bottom line is that all of these additions are fully customizable based on what you need and want!

And while all these promote the comforts of living, Unika Stenhus concrete houses are aesthetically appealing too. Its simple clean look promotes a quite charming attraction.

Unika Stenhus concrete houses are the epitome of modern sustainable living – a showcase of functionality and beauty!