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Unika Stenhus: Next Level Architecture with Sustainable Concrete Houses

Unika Stenhus is a Swedish architectural firm held as a front runner in creating sustainable concrete houses in Scandinavia. Stone houses that showcase progressive design, diverse flexibility, and innovative solutions that all in all foster a better place for future generations. Unika Stenhus’ distinct stone houses (betongvillor) are the brainchild […]

FIFA World Cup 2010 Wallpapers, Icons, and Fan Art

Now that the World Cup is only one day away, I wanted to make this post about FIFA World Cup 2010 Wallpapers, Icons, and Fan art. The world cup is a really important part of soccer because it brings people together to enjoy the game and drink beer. But also, the world […]

90 Useful Freelance Tools

The web is filled with a lot of resources for freelancers to start and manage their own business.  There are tools to keep track of time, billing, invoices, and where to look for jobs.I put together a list of 90 Useful freelance tools to help all you freelancers out there. If I’m missing one, […]