5 Reasons You Should Play at a Bitcoin Casino

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Bitcoin casinos are constantly growing in numbers. While there may have been only a few such sites around some years ago, these days there is an increasing number of purely bitcoin sites or hybrid casinos allowing players to play using either fiat currency or bitcoins. We are bringing you some of the leading reasons why you should try your luck with bitcoin casinos instead of their traditional counterparts. If you want to get started right away, go review the best Bitcoin gambling sites and compare the various features to see which one fits you the most.

Privacy & Anonimity

Playing with bitcoin casinos will provide you with an extra layer of privacy and anonymity. Even though bitcoin gambling isn’t as anonymous as it used to be, BTC casinos still don’t require their players to submit too much sensitive private information. Additionally, a separate bitcoin wallet can keep your gambling habits away from any prying eyes.

Speed & Relaibility

Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are very fast and extremely reliable. Thanks to the way the underlying blockchain technology operates, it is almost impossible for BTC transactions to be intercepted, altered, or tampered with in any other way. Furthermore, bitcoin withdrawals are usually much faster than cashouts using any of the other methods available, including popular e-wallets.

It isn’t unusual for BTC withdrawals to be sent to your wallet within a couple of hours from requesting them, making funds available to you almost immediately. For most people who enjoy gambling online, this is one of the most important considerations, so it’s a huge plus for bitcoin casinos.

Low or Non-existent Fees

Deposits and withdrawals at bitcoin casinos usually come with very low fees and quite often without any fees whatsoever. Since there is no middleman of any sort and the entire network operates on the peer-to-peer principle, there is no reason for BTC casinos to charge any transaction fees on the money coming in or going out.

This is especially important for people who usually deposit and withdraw using their credit and debit cards, as these methods usually involve various processing fees. Avoiding these altogether can be quite significant, especially for those making more than a few gambling-related transactions a month.

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Enjoy Better Bonuses

The volatile nature of bitcoin does have its downsides, but there are certain positives to it as well. For example, you’ll find that welcome bonuses at bitcoin casinos are often bigger than your common variety welcome packages at traditional online casinos.  Sometimes you’ll get match bonuses as high as 1 BTC, which, when translated into a fiat currency, is much bigger than what you’d get at most other sites depositing with USD or EUR, for example.

More Chances to Get Lucky

Another aspect connected to the bitcoin volatility is the fact that there are more ways than just playing casino games to get lucky. Thanks to the fact the value of bitcoin changes quite frequently, keeping your casino balance in BTC could mean its value increases significantly overnight. Of course, things can go the other way as well, but for someone who enjoys gambling, it is all about these ups and downs, so there are many players who might enjoy this aspect.