5 Tech Things to Look Out for in the Online Casino Industry

5 Online Casino Tech Innovations

There is no saying what the future holds, and should you have asked anyone a decade ago about their predictions for the present, they probably would have gotten most things wrong. While there are far many more variables to be considered when it comes to general predictions, the situation is different when it comes to an isolated industry.

Online gambling appeared about two decades ago, with the rise of the Internet, but has only gained momentum alongside the tech achievements that made it possible. Back then, these mostly revolved around getting a payment processor and some form of ID protection, but things are changed nowadays. Namely, many upcoming tech trends can be considered in the context of real money online casinos, but the following five are bound to stand out in the longer run.

  1. Virtual Reality – In order to understand the need for this type of technology, one must first distinguish between land-based and online casinos. The former have always appealed to the factor of exclusivity and sophistication, while the latter offered efficiency and convenience. Considering that they are both rather successful areas of the industry, VR technology aims to unite them and provide the ultimate gambling experience.No matter whether you’re using the PlayStation VR or the Oculus Rift, this technology enables you to enter the game’s environment first-hand. Just consider sitting at home and being able to walk into your favourite online casino platform in a million-dollar suit, or going along the footsteps of Gonzo’s Quest VR slot. Improvements are still pending, but judging by its potential, VR is definitely a top-five tech thing to look out for.
  2. Skill Games – The gambling industry is all about the thrill of the outcome, and once it doesn’t depend on the player’s competence, its popularity is bound to subside. Online casino games are subject to all kinds of tests and controls to ensure that their outcomes are completely random, which may take away some of the suspense normally experience in land-based environments. Nevertheless, developers have been actively working on creating all kinds of card and slot game varieties that meet such industry standards, and surpass players’ expectations at the same time.
  3. Bitcoin Casinos – Online casino platforms rely on payment processing services when offering their real money gambling contents, and one of the most recent additions to this segment is Bitcoin. It is both considered to be a cryptocurrency, as opposed to fiat ones, and a decentralized transaction processor, unlike any other. The entire system is based on the blockchain grid, where data is constantly being processed from one e-wallet to another, be it cloud-based like Coinbase or hardware ones like Ledger Nano S.
    These casinos allow their players to make use of all the benefits of the currency – anonymity, speed and security – and are therefore considered to be an indispensible part of the online casino industry’s future.
  4. Artificial Intelligence – The idea of infusing computers with a dose of human intelligence has been the source of inspiration for many motion pictures throughout the years. Regardless of the sci-fi genre, there is no denying that having a computer with such capabilities is going to take the online casino experience to a new level.
    Artificial IntelligenceWhile there are no precise examples of this being implemented on the market, experts have distinguished a few areas that are bound to benefit the most from such a tech trend. For one, customer support is bound to provide more responsive service, while problem gambling and cheating would be treated more efficiently.
  5. Mobile Platform Optimization – Ever since the rise of gambling on the go, portable devices have slowly approached the focus of the online casino industry. Soon, mobile gaming surpassed that of desktops and consoles, evident across leading platforms such as Spin Palace, JackpotCity and beyond, and thus became an imminent issue for the online casino industry specifically.


Security, bandwidth and software compatibility are the three main aspects that need to be properly attended in order for this tech trend to see the light of day. That way, players will be able to get greater functionality without having to put it at the expense of their online safety or game preferences. Paired with any of the trends above, there is no saying what could happen next.