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15 Websites to Learn AngularJS


Are you planning to learn AngularJS? Why not? It is currently one of the trending technologies around and learning it is also monetarily beneficial.

Volure Hair Boutique

Volure is one of the leading retailers of hair extensions. We provide a number of products, including Quality Hair Extensions, Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Weave and T444Z Hair Food, among others. In addition, the company also retails Indian Hair and Malaysian Hair. Check us out.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for developing effective client-side applications. Read more…

How to Find Out if Your Design Works for Your Audience

Design Works

Design is not colors and patterns. Or creativity. Yes, all of these elements do play a big role in any design. Instead, design is more about concepts and their execution than the frills that make it look pretty. Read more…

Best Web Design Styles – 9 Picks!

Best Web Design Styles

Web designing styles play a crucial role in helping the brands send across their message to their customers, readers as well as the users. The most important decision vests with the website owners who are required to encourage the best pick when it comes to choosing a style that matches the brand they are specifically designing for. Read more…

5 Things Your Website Must Have for Conversion

5 Things Your Website Must Have for Conversion

Conversions are the core to the success of any business. Businesses imply several SEO and marketing tactics to drive maximum traffic using various tools and mechanisms. Read more…

Why Your Small Business Website Sucks and How to Fix It?

Why Your Small Business Website Sucks and How to Fix It?

For many small businesses, their website acts as a hub of operations. The website is where a large percentage of their business transactions take place and is also the nerve center of their sales and marketing activities. Read more…

12 Best Web Design Books for Beginners

2 Best Web Design Books for Beginners

Web designing industry is expanding swiftly with each passing day as lots of opportunities are pouring in for the beginners at big web design agencies and also as freelancers designing small business sites from their homes. Read more…

Why Crowdsourcing Graphic Design Contests Benefit Small Businesses


Crowdsourcing platforms are becoming more and more popular with small to mid-size businesses. Here’s why: Read more…

WordPress Multisite or Multiple WordPress Installation- Which Way to Go?

WordPress Multisite

If you are fully aware of the nuts and bolts of WordPress, then you would have probably heard of WordPress multisite. It’s a WordPress configuration which lets you manage multiple sites together using the common WordPress installation. Read more…

6 Most Desirable Characteristics Of A Mobile App


With so many apps in the app stores, it is very important for your apps to stand out. So, how can you make your app outstanding while keeping it appealing for the users? You can ingrain these 6 special characteristics in your app to make it so. Read more…

How Web Design and Coding Are Changing Hiring


Are you a coder or programmer trying to land your dream job? You may find that it’s harder than it was just a few years ago. While the hiring process once relied solely on interviews and resumes, it now involves high-tech, high-impact candidate assessments. Read more…