22 Web Design Critique Websites To Help get feedback


Most designers always need feedback on their design work. Being a designer, I always ask for feedback on my work. I normally use conceptfeedback to get feedback, but there are a lot of websites out there to help get you the feedback you need to make helpful changes on your design. Having other designers critique your work is the best way to becoming a better designer. We put together a list of 22 Web Design Critique Websites To Help get feedback. I hope you find this post helpful and thank you for reading.























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My name is Julio A Rivera, I'm a Creative Director/Web Designer from New York City and I'm the Founder of Underworld Magazines also Mydesign7.com. I'm happy to share some of the web best resources and give you Inspiration. Follow me on Twitter @mydesign7
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46 Replies to 22 Web Design Critique Websites To Help get feedback

  1. Alex Hampton says:

    thanks for the help I can start getting feedback on my work.


  2. Hillary says:

    Great post :) Don’t forget about Dribble, if you’re lucky enough to get an invite!


    Creative Director Reply:

    thanks for the comment =)


  3. Fraser Revie says:

    Great article, been looking for some feedback on my latest site!


    Mike Alles Reply:

    for expert feedback – try http://www.feedbackguru.com


  4. jesse says:

    thanks for this post very helpful.


  5. designbyarm says:

    Thank you for share this article.


  6. Puneet Mehta says:

    This is excellent :). This is really very helpful. Thanks for sharing this.


  7. One of the feature I’ve always made by hand, it’s to list all post one page. It’s a shame, WordPress didn’t thought of that before


  8. Aditya Menon says:

    Awesome links, thanks. This is so much better than posting on a forum and waiting forever for feedback!

    By the way, i LOVE your profile picture, Julio. Wish I too was a fan enough to Navi-ize myself! :)


  9. Tess says:

    Great and useful links. Thanks for sharing this because we designers all need some constructive feedback.
    I agree great Avatar … no pun intended … I know that one was way too easy but someone had to say it ;)


  10. Good stuff Julio, thanks for including http://www.conceptfeedback.com!

    Another tool I’ve used, is http://www.usertesting.com, which is very similar to Feedback Army. For that matter, requesting feedback via Twitter or friends and family can also be surprisingly helpful.


    Creative Director Reply:

    your welcome and i will check out the link soon
    .-= Creative Director´s last blog ..22 Web Design Critique Websites To Help get feedback =-.


  11. Im glad everyone found this post helpful!!
    .-= Creative Director´s last blog ..Interview with IntuitionHQ.com & A Giveaway for two readers =-.


  12. Great article! I will use this later for feedback.


  13. hubeRsen says:

    great, i could use many of them atm. thanks for sharing!


  14. Christopher says:

    freedesigncritique.com is another one





  15. Marc Buurke says:

    Nice list, lets get some feedback!


    Creative Director Reply:

    I’m Glad you this post useful =)


  16. Kara says:

    DesignAdvisor.com is a new creative community for graphic designers, web designers & artists. Post images or video, and the website community rates the images and offers commentary. You can receive rating information sorted by demographics, as well as constructive critique for improvement. Review the designs of other professionals for fun and inspiration!

    Visit– http://www.DesignAdvisor.com Free, fun, & very useful!”


  17. This site is really interesting. You bring up some great points about your article… .. Thanks for the great information about website design.. It is my first time here in this site so so good…


  18. Hi, thanks for the awesome post you have made.Is there any guidelines we have to follow in case of web designing.


  19. As a professional web designer I found this blog very useful. I notice that a lot of popular websites are cluttered and i wonder if viewers actually prefer this or a clean minimal style


  20. Kumar says:

    the lists are really great. I already submitted some of the sites i know, but you published such a big list. thanks for the list.


    Creative Director Reply:

    Your welcome Kumar. Cheers!


    ckumar Reply:

    If you are looking for Expert Design Feedback, try http://www.feedbackguru.com Visual feedback on your Websites, web applications, mockups or wireframes.


  21. Mesothelioma says:

    This site is really interesting & unique … Design really clean and useful they are very exacting addition to my browsing list.


  22. Great list of sites, thanks! Fig Tree Design Studio welcomes all feedback :o)


  23. TrackDuck says:

    Good list. I think our visual feedback tool https://www.trackduck.com would make it complete :)
    It’s simple to use, could be integrated with
    Basecamp and JIRA, provides option for anonymous feedback and has many more
    useful features.


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