(Winner!!) Win a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet for One Lucky Reader

Win a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet for One Lucky Reader

Hey everyone!  UnderWorld Magazines has been running as a design blog for a year and a half now.  UnderWorld Magazines started with no real following, but now we have grown to 3800 followers on twitter, 1100 facebook fans, and over 300 rss subscribers.   I was thinking now is the best time to give away a great prize to one lucky reader to win a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet.  I wish I could give one to each of my readers, but that will cost me millions!  If this giveaway turnouts great, I will be doing more like this over the year.  See below on how to enter. Good luck everyone!

Win a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet for One Lucky Reader

Win a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet for One Lucky Reader

Congratulations to:


You all will be contacted soon with the details.

I want to thank everyone that left a comment and also retweeted this post.  There will be more ALOT MORE giveaways in the future, so don’t go to far.

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103 Replies to (Winner!!) Win a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet for One Lucky Reader

  1. Ramsey says:

    WOW what an awesome contest, thanks so much!!! I’m already a subscriber but I followed you guys on Twitter and FB. Love the articles and everything! I would really love to win the contest… I had a Wacom tablet a few years ago and LOVED it. But the cord that plugged into the back broke (those darn sensitive connections) and I never got around to replacing it. I’ve been masking images and drawing with my mouse ever since… ^_^ Would love to have another Wacom again!!!

  2. Ashmita says:

    You’re already in my social radar,

    This would really be handy for my freelance business.


  3. rachel tillman says:

    If I won the Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet I would use it for law school!!!!!!!name on twitter is raqlawstat (following you)

  4. Awesome. Who would not want? :) As self taught designer this awesome tablet will definitely useful for me, for my projects. Would really love to win. All done. *FingerCrossed*. https://twitter.com/#!/arditasari/status/118320328211566594

  5. Erikson says:

    Nice giveaway, count me in! All req. done.
    I’ll use Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet to teach my son how to write letters well. Thanks! :)

  6. Great contest you have going here, I’d love this tablet as it would help me get back into digital drawing. My old tablet has broken and this would be a top notch replacement !

    twitter – https://twitter.com/#!/GaryCallaghan

  7. Salman Saeed says:

    This is one EPIC thing <3

  8. Joan says:

    Im a frustrated graphic artist and by having this kind of tool will somewhat makes me feel am good at it. Who cares if even kids can draw better than i do? :)
    I so much wanted this!
    Twitter: sweetmeme_ph

  9. Steve H. says:

    I will create epic renderings with this bad boy!


  10. David Y says:

    I would jump for joy. 1 for winning an awesome wacom tablet and 2 for winning a wacom tablet as a birthday gift. Then I’d proceed to continue designing pure awesomeness for the world to see. Also I would help others who never worked with a tablet before get familiar with working with one.


  11. Francois says:

    I love drawing but I’ll like to try it on the computer !!

  12. Alicia says:

    I will experiment with illustrating for the first time! For a long time, I have wanted to try out a tablet to design graphics to incorporate in web and print projects. At my day job, I would use it to help me design a life skills manual for children.

  13. Crazyhunk says:

    wow… really good giveaway… :) Love wacom products..

    If I win this, I would surely start off designing things off the Wacom Bamboo(duh!!)
    I always wanted to have one… would surely give me a kick … :D

  14. acidrums4 says:

    Pity I don’t have Facebook or Twitter account :( I’m still doing my digital drawings with my laptop’s trackpad…

  15. Hey, this is an awesome price. Well for me, it will be helpful in my design of everyday. Doing some crazy stuff on client website will be awesome.

  16. I have been following you on twitter and reading your blog for quite a while now, some really good stuff on here.

    I have liked on fb and just retweeted as well, my twitter is @mikeyologi

    I have meening meaning to get one of these for a while but never took the plunge, so winning one might be just what I need!

  17. Boaz Zemer says:

    Thank you for having this competition!
    If I should win, a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet will greatly help me work on improving my sketching abilities and renderings.
    I’m an Industrial Design student with a passion for sketching.


  18. Jen H says:

    This is a great contest. If I win I plan to use the Bamboo Pen Tablet to make some fun projects in Photoshop and Illustrator.

    I followed on Twitter and Facebook and RT’d the contest!

  19. Steve Robillard says:

    I would use this to help develop my computer drawing abilities. I could always draw well, but it can be difficult to translate that to the computer with a mouse.

  20. Jen K says:

    Well for starters if I won, it would be a nice upgrade in my tablet. I currently am still using a Wacom Graphire3 that I have had for ages. Its not bad but, a new one would be great. I would then probably donate my Graphire3 to another up & coming designer who can’t afford a tablet yet.

    Tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/AliceGraphix/status/118434340052021248

  21. TRY says:

    I will use Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet for primarily for designing and drawing for producing my own artwork style.

    Tweet shared : https://twitter.com/#!/UnderworldMagz/status/118415810187374594

    and Subscribed as well.


    TRY Reply:

    Typo correction,

    I will use Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet primarily for designing and drawing my own artwork with different style and also for writing personal short anecdotes.


  22. Holly says:

    I would use this to create better illustrations and designs than I have been able to with just a clunky mouse!:) Liked on Facebook and RT’d (@caspergrl). Thanks!

  23. Choua Xiong says:

    This would be my first time using a tablet if I were to win this contest, and I would use it for multiple artistic purpose for myself and others. I would design Logos and illustration for My school clubs, and also use it to create short animation clips. I have always been a traditional artist, but I believe that I am ready to be introduced to the digital world. thank you so much for hosting this contest!

    Choua Xiong Reply:

    As some have already stated before, drawing with a mouse is quite frustrating. Fingers crossed to win the tablet so I can start my REINCARNATION story project!

    Thanks again! ☺☻☺☻☺☻♥

  24. od3n says:

    i would like to have this so i can draw the world and be in my creative world!

  25. David J says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! This would be awesome to win, because i am a “traditional” artist who now do my illustrations digitally in vector. This would totally give me the integration of my pen and pencil talent together with my digital skills. I have a lot more to learn and this would be the perfect tool to help me get closer to being a greater designer. Thanks again, for the chance at winning!

  26. Stacy says:

    If I won this tablet, I would use it during my cancer treatments. I have been fighting melanoma for almost 4 years (since October 15, 2007) I would certainly love carrying this tablet around as opposed to my laptop all the time. I came across your site today while looking for logo designers for my nonprofit organization that I have just begun, and followed you on facebook and twitter. Thanks so much for a great contest and awesome blog!

  27. InkSketch says:

    I would use it along with painter to re-create some of my illustrations with a softer look. Thanks.

  28. Red0 says:

    I would like to have one bamboo, having such tablet is really handy attached to laptop on outdoors inspiration hunts.

  29. Joy Person says:

    I would give it to my husband a Marine who has become quite the artist! He loves to draw, paint etc and everyday he amazes me with something else he has learned to draw! He would use the bamboo tablet everyday and even take it with him when he deploys. He would love this!

  30. Deepen Dhulla says:

    your site has really help me understand the underworld of developer & development of web-apps & web-design to great extent. keep sharing the knowledge & talent.
    I would like to pass the Equipment/prize to social community how run computer education for encouraging young student/talent to grow their talent & skills in digital world (specially who cannot effort education due to financially condition )

    – Deepen Dhulla
    Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.


  31. WOW amazing comp!!! Love your articles! I would really love to win the contest… just to open my eyes to the world of mouse free masking and drawing!! Great opportunity tho – brilliant!

  32. pedro soto says:

    thanks for this ,always good to have this kind of contest and information…nice site…


  33. pedro soto says:

    well…it will make do abetter job….and will make me stop making digital painting with a mouse…a good start

  34. Somnath says:

    ohh! what i say if i win!! i will bring it every day and show them to all its from @underworldmagazines

  35. Lexie says:

    Oh I wanted to try out one of these so bad! It make my design work so much easier!
    I would experiment with my illustrations and maybe venture into some cool typography!

  36. Antanas Antaso says:

    Oh dear… thing like that is my dream…just can’t afford it…i just can imagine how good is to work with such one on painting and audio/video programs…would take my learning to another level…well,count me in!Good luck everybody!
    Following and Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/AntanasAntaso/status/118674232338165760
    Became fan and Facebook share: https://www.facebook.com/antaso/posts/268880519799260

  37. Liam says:

    I’ve been a subscriber to this site for months now, and when I saw this post and read that there are only 300 RSS subscribers, I was shocked! Why is this site not more popular?!

    Anyway, retweeted and followed and fan-ified and all that jazz.

    I’m definitely not an illustrator, but I like drawing every now and again. I don’t want to put a massive flatbed scanner in my office and take away the space, so this product would be brilliant for me. I take my illustrations straight into PhotoShop/Illustrator to get working on them, and this would simply make the process easier!

  38. fodla says:

    Wow! Thanks for the opportunity !
    If I win, it will be a dream comes true.
    I’m a graphic designer. If I win, I use my tablet every single day for improving my ability to draw.
    I know how Wacom Bamboo Tablet makes every thing easy ( drawing, retouch,etc….).
    And also I know that it makes work more enjoyable.

    All req. done!


  39. liladiav says:

    thanks for your amazing work! i love ur articles :)
    it would be so helpful if i had Wacom Bamboo Tablet! my work as a graphic design would be so much better.. mouse sometimes times can be really irritating.. grrrr
    tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/liladiav

  40. Yohanes W says:

    If I win Wacom Bamboo Tablet, I will use it to upgrade my skill in sketching and creating model. It will tremendously help me boost my performance

  41. Derek Land says:

    I don’t have Facebook, never have and never will.. So I suppose that alone flushes my chances of winning – but I will say Well Done Guys.

    Congrats on the progress, and I hope the traffic and success continue!


  42. kayla says:

    gGreat contest. Im a graphic design student and i cant afford to buy a tablet right so this will definitely help me improve my skills also i tutor kids so this is would be a great tool for me to use to create lil creative assignments and flash cards for kids.

  43. kayla says:

    oh here’s the link to my twitter https://twitter.com/#!/kaydajjfan

  44. Mr Seekler says:

    I’d be using it for creating some illustrations for tee design.


  45. Here’s my tweet > http://twitter.com/#!/bstinspiration/status/119137886615511041

    14th Oct is my birthday and I wish I get this gift on this day :)
    I was thinking to buy Wacome Cintiq, but trying a free Bamboo would be awesome. Best of luck to all. Wish me good luck too :D

  46. Anna Jose says:

    I’m an aspiring digital artist, I hope to win this wacom! It would be a greay help for my improvement!

  47. Lambiris says:

    I’d sketch and wireframe faster and happier!!! ñ_ñ

  48. I feel like a sixth grader telling my class how my summer went :) If I win the tablet I would finally be able to add a little quirkiness to my designs. Most of my websites are simple and clean, sometimes I would love to add a little self drawn monster. Scans never come out right and drawing with your mouse in photoshop is hell. So in one sentence I would use it to improve my skills and business.

  49. azenhort says:

    Hey There! Great contest! I’d like to be counted in.

    If I would have a tablet I could start draw my concept art. And this should to improve my drawing speed (no more scanning etc…)

    BTW, Greets from Lithuania

  50. I’d get started with drawing Illustrations and it would come in handy for doing the wireframes digitally as I’m not a fan of using pen and paper.

    You can find my tweet here: https://twitter.com/glennvanbogaert/status/119443000018485248

  51. Michael akridge says:

    If I were to win I could finally start my web comic site.

  52. Pablo says:

    i would create a fantasy world filled with good energy, optimism and no-motor aeroplanes :)

    (and also a cute company-pet for my web design firm)

  53. Koming says:

    I will make a themed illustration on the island of Bali (where I live) i love Bali :D


  54. alex says:

    don`t have a fb profile (don`t ask why) but i followed you on twitter. i`m not in a very good financial period right now (well i don`t know who is) but anyway i would love to have a tablet because i want to take my hobby to the next level.

  55. Klaudio2U says:

    Since i don’t jet have pen tablet and i was saving money (not going well :/) to buy one this one what be great to finally learn how to use it, practice on it and improve myself as an illustrator.

    twitter post–> http://twitter.com/#!/UnderworldMagz/status/119929680743776256

  56. CreativeImages says:

    I have always just used my mouse for graphic design work and a 12″ wacom pad for photo enhancement. Now that I no longer work foe someone else I would love to have another pen tablet for my home office and freelance work. You guys are a great asset to us freelancers!!!

  57. Jeremy says:

    I’m following you on twitter as bikeohio.
    I like you on FB as Jay Cee.
    I subscribe to your blog e-mail.
    I have tweeted the contest: https://twitter.com/#!/bikeohio/status/120602858918907905

    As much as I love this Bamboo Pen Tablet, if I won, I would give it to my brother. He’s been an awesome artist for as long as I can remember… back to when he was 2-3 years old, and I was just a baby. He can handle art in any media he tries, but he has not dabbled with any ‘computer-assisted” art. I would love to win this for him as a surprise. He’s been having some trying times of late, and this would put a big smile on his face. Thank you for the chance!

  58. Debra P says:

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway. I subscribe, follow on twitter @MissingLynxx and Facebook as well.

    I am an artist that needs to update my art into the digital age. I have been drooling over Wacom tablets for a few years and this would be the ultimate. I would sketch and also what I really want to do is design graphic art tees and be able to submit to Threadless and other cool sites like Design By Humans.

  59. I think I would spend a lot of time drawing and designing new pictures to play with. Very cool tablet. I never had something like this. Follow on twitter @ladylisa1 Follow on Facebook and tweeting the contest https://twitter.com/#!/ladylisa1/status/120689404816801792

  60. Skyler says:

    My Husband and I have been working with a web comic idea for over 5 years. Scattered all throughout our tiny apartment you will find scores of legal pad drawings, crumpled cocktail napkins bombarded with late night brainstorming marathons , junk mail reworked as scratch paper overflowing with character dialogue and hordes of piles devoted to this humble idea of ours. In the past year, we have witnessed the rapid expansion of what started out as a fancy-free “someday life dream” has increasingly become the ever-blaring obsession we must put forth. We feel this obsession was created, and is fueled by ; unstable employment, dreams of grandeur involving our over-romanticized notion of the glorious lives of Web Comic creators, and our general , designer fueled neurotic tendencies. We are folk of little income, but plentiful good nature. We wish to mold our humorous anecdotes and highlight of human foibles into something that can be shared and loved by all and feel that winning this amazing, “Gadget-of-Greatness” will help rocket-blast our daydreams of splendor into an “Ever-moving-machine of stupendous Delight!” Please, won’t you quench the thirst of our “Dream Beans” with your “Ham hocks and brown sugar” of nurturing goodness?

  61. Brent says:

    Fun contest guys, of course I’ll retweet been following you on twitter for a while now and love all the great articles you post, it’s a regular part of my morning reading in fact…

    Crossing fingers on winning!
    Best wishes :)

  62. Gustavo says:

    Awesome contest. I liked it when you say “Open internationally”.
    That give me hopes to improve my design skills. And prevent some carpal tunnel syndrome lol. Seriusly, this would be really good for me to design typography like the Progress Font of Bamboo.
    Already Following and Like since a while.

  63. Riccardo says:


    If I win the “Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet” I would create new worlds with a stroke of a pen, barriers will crumble with just my imagination, and no longer confined by words I would express my feelings that will be preserved forever into digital form. With the pen tablet as my third eye I will look into myself and try to unveil my most rooted emotions, and reveal my true essence exploring the deepest levels of my consciousness, my insidious fears will finally be exorcized…all entrapped in the universe of the abstract digital space.

    …Oh, and I will save paper which is always nice and eco-friendly! :)



  64. carol says:

    If I won I would probably spend most of my time fighting it out of my kids hands…LOL
    But i would take it with me everywhere I went to stay connected…I want a tablet so badly!

  65. Nora says:

    I would use the Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet to further my digital art. I currently draw with Sharpies, mostly, but I would like to advance my art into the digital realms. I would love to design t-shirts and take my sketches from paper to computer with ease! No to mention using a mouse for drawing is so much more difficult than using a pen! I would love the control offered by a pen input tablet!

    @technoindigo on Twitter

  66. Edijs says:

    Niiiiice giveaway!! Would definitely love to win this, but after reading some comments I realized that there are other people who needs it more than me. Good luck guys!

    Still.. going to buy one soon, but I was thinking more like about Bamboo Fun.

  67. pintworks says:

    it would make things a lot easier to create my digital artwork. it gets tedious and tiring at times using just a mouse.

  68. soulmenj says:

    if ever i will be the winner of this cool tablet then It will help my freelance work and also this will help to improve my design and creativity.


  69. Oh, I’ve always wanted a Wacom Bamboo tablet but never got around to buy it, as it is over my monthly budget :( If I win it, I would doodle stuff for my articles, I would try to make vector illustrations to give away as freebies on my blogs and I would share it with my brother because he loves to draw :D

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/adriana_stya
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jasmine.stya

  70. Eric sutter says:

    Hi i am in my last year of high school. I need a tablit to finish up my portfolio in style with some computer created works. This would help me alot due to the fact my schooling is going to be in the 60 000 + area after tuition, housing, and software. Im going into new media 4 year degree.

  71. Riccardo says:

    P.S. Ah! …naturally I’ve retweeted this page a bunch of times, I’m following you on Facebook and Twitter and I’m a subscriber! ;)

    Spread The Love!

  72. Eve says:

    Twitter Follower with @quacklynn
    tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/quacklynn/status/122350660418154496
    Subscriber of Underworld Magazines
    Facebook Fan

    If I was lucky enough to win, I would give this tablet to my brother who is a graphic designer in DESPERATE need of a Wacom Tablet. He does not have a tablet and is always complaining about how he can not afford a good one! I’d love to make his day with one of these! :)

  73. Georgij says:

    With my Wacom Bamboo tablet, I’ll improve my drawing skills, and I’ll use it, to skech webdesigns for me and my friend, create 3D models etc.
    Hope I win :]

  74. Jidiq Bhai says:

    it will be helpful for me in my engineering FYP

  75. hamaa Na says:

    I will experiment with illustrating for the first time! For a long time, I have wanted to try out a tablet to design graphics to incorporate in web and print projects. At my day job, I would use it to help me design a life skills manual for children.
    follwed on twitter (HamanaTahir) and facebook (hamaa Na)
    http://twitter.com/#!/HamanaTahir tweet it here

  76. Deep Silence says:

    i will like to give this tablet to my sister,,she is so fond of it,,i never win a single contest but hope to win this one..

  77. hinok says:

    I’ve destroyed my old wacom bamboo, because accidentally I’ve poured water on my tablet.
    Will use the new tablet for creating web projects and a lot of photo manipulations,
    cheers :)


  78. Aurora says:

    If I were to win this, I would use it to hand-draw graphics, instea

  79. Aurora says:

    If I were to win this, I would use it to improve my embryonic graphic design skills; and pursue all past and future ideas, that would otherwise be abandoned due to a lack of precision and pressure sensitivity.

    Facebook: facebook.com/aurorablythe

    Twitter: twitter.com/aurorablythe

  80. ubaid says:

    I’ll improve my drawing /sketching /webdesigns skills if i win this Bamboo Pen Tablet

    Ubaid khan
    Assistant Director (Corporate Affairs)
    City University
    Cell: +92-3349129119

  81. Anees says:

    I will use Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet for primarily for designing and drawing for producing my own artwork style.

  82. Dora says:

    Wow, that’s an awesome giveaway!!!!!

    If I win the tablet, I’ll update the crappy design of my website and finally I will have the proper tool for starting creative experiments with digital drawing!!


    PS: lucky charms, where you are? :p :D

  83. Alex says:

    What will I do if a win it? I’m an art student, and I’m working on my digital painting skills. Actually I’ve got a Wacoom Bamboo tablet for 5 years, which I used to practice. It’s time to get one, and as I’m using all the money I have to study Art and Graphic in UK (I’m from Italy) I cannot afford a new tablet.
    By the way, good luck to everybody, I’m sure everyone who’s following this blog deserves to win it.

    Alex Reply:

    [It’s time to get one, and as I’m using all … ] – It’s time to get a new one; little mistake.

  84. Jeremy says:

    http://twitter.com/#!/bikeohio/status/125050486985461760 Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this!

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