(WINNER!!) Win A Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet For One Lucky Reader

Win A Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet For One Lucky Reader
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Hey everyone! Once again it’s time to give one lucky reader a new Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet. With UnderWorld Magazines traffic growing in the past two month it was the right time again to do this giveaway. Goodluck to everyone. See below on how to enter. Good luck everyone!
Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet

Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet


1. Follow @underworldmagz on twitter.

2. RT this contest.

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5. Leave a comment how would you use the Tablet ( gift, for yourself, replacing an old one, etc… )

6. Use a really email so we have no trouble contacting you if your the winner later.

Contest will end June 26, 2012 winner will be contacted 48 hours after contest ends.

Congratulations to:

Angel Velazquez

You all will be contacted soon with the details.

I want to thank everyone that left a comment and also retweeted this post. There will be more giveaways in the future, so don’t go to far.

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  • http://www.sonaliagrawal.com Sonali Agrawal

    I’ll definitely be giving the tablet to my daughter as she just loves drawing all the time. It’ll give her the boost to learn and improve as well as understand the technology.


  • Andy

    Working with students and young designers, visualization and the use of a visualization tool is of the utmost importance in articulating big new ideas (both theirs and mine)! Thanks so much for offering this incredible tool!


  • http://www.arnaud-girard.fr Arnaud Girard

    Oh, it’s great to give a tablet! I was just looking for one for my girlfriend who absolutely want to get into digital painting and can’t afford the equipment to show her talent. Good luck everybody!


  • James Minard

    I had a Wacom tablet years ago, and I absolutely loved it. This one would replace my stolen one.


  • http://johnpgranados.deviantart.com/ Juan Pablo

    I’m considering buying one for on-the-go works, since my past-gen Bamboo stays at my office.


    Nichelle Reply:

    I would definitely give this to my co-worker, we are in the graphic design field and hers broke and she can’t afford to get a new one. Thanks for hosting such a great give away… good luck guys!


  • Steve

    I was just looking at one the other day while at Best Buy..told my daughter that I would love it for Father’s Day…it would definitely be for me.


  • http://punkycomment.tk Mads Hougesen

    I would use it to help my friend with his gaming website. Email: madshougesen@gmail.com


  • Zak Kolar

    As a student, I don’t have a whole lot of income. The tablet would help me to better my skills and hopefully be a successful designer in the future.


  • http://www.alicegraphix.com Jen K

    I would love to win this to replace my old Wacom Graphire 3 (5″x4″). It would be so great to be wireless when working on my tablet. Plus a larger working service would be amazing!

    Tweet : https://twitter.com/AliceGraphix/status/210053596618825728


  • Steve Robillard

    I would use this to replace an older wacom tab that doesn’t work well with my multiple monitor setup.


  • http://www.CTEcreative.com CTEcreative

    I would give my Bamboo to a co-worker and selfishly keep this for myself for all my design work.



  • Chris H.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    I have used a first generation small bamboo at work for a while, would love a personal one to replace it with.


  • http://www.designrshub.com Manuel Garcia

    I’ve been a twitter follower, facebook fan and Rss subscriber of UWM for quite some time. I always share their post on my news blog (http://news.designrshub.com/), proof that I’m a big fan of this site. So maybe, the only requirement I need to do is to answer the question, “how would you use the Tablet?”. I’m going to give this to my friend who is passionate in making arts using Tablet. Thanks.


  • http://twitter.com/komangwidya komang

    if win, maybe start to learning digital art :)


  • Andres

    1,2,3,4, 5, 6 Ready!
    And I would use the tablet in my work, for each day improve more the quality of my designs. documentos.suscripciones@gmail.com


  • komiska

    This one would be such a great wish come true: I’d replace my olden WACOM Intuous from the last century to create my illustrations ,drawings,designs and digital art … !


  • http://mesopinions.ca Francois

    Upgrade my old one 😉


  • Mitch Garcia

    now following via RSS feed. Moved a few months ago and lost my previous tablet, could use a new one!


  • Liam

    I’d use it alongside my girlfriend. She draws an awful lot and is lately trying to do more digital drawings, and using a tablet would greatly help improve the quality of her work (although it’s already fabulous!). I myself would use it on the rare occasion I do some character design for websites.


  • http://www.hollyreynolds.net Holly

    This would be a replacement for the tablet my husband stole from me:) Ok he just borrows it – all the time!


  • Strugg

    This is a great gift offered here !
    Being a student I’d love to improve my drawing skills – for landscape architecure – with this great tool. Sharing it in studio courses with my friends would be a must ^^
    Thanks for the contest !


  • http://www.boostinspiration.com Waheed Akhtar

    Will use this enhance my designing skills.


  • http://www.ErinFerraro.com Erin Ferraro

    I would love to be able to use this in my job, and to teach my son how to write his letters.


  • http://www.techngfx.com Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi

    If i win, i would love to use this for myself. I love design graphic, this tablet will make my job easier. Hope for the best. Hope this time i can win. Thanks for the opportunity. Underworldmagazines ROCK!


  • Angel Velazquez

    Use it to design my new portfolio and acquire a job


  • http://nicksh.com Nick Shvelidze

    I’d use it for myself, practice drawing


  • Megan

    I often resort to hand drawing and scanning. It’d be great to have the digital image right away without the extra steps.


  • http://loveandaces.com dee blaney

    As a new designer, I would use this tablet to begin the learning process of creatig directly to computer.


  • http://www.travisschaefer.com/tjsdesigns/ Travis

    I have the smallest Wacom tablet on the planet. This would be a Huge upgrade!


  • Andrés Martínez

    I’d replace my old and tniy genius tablet!


  • http://disenia.me Hector Magaña

    Definitely for my wife, web & graphics designer.
    She wants one but I can afford it for now.


  • http://ankolie.com Anko

    I’d use it as a traveling tablet. The one I use while sitting on the train or elsewhere outside the house is dead. And my time is 60% traveling.


  • Susana

    I love to draw, so I would use this tablet to be able to draw a lot! and to have my work already digitalized, and at the same time without using so much paper for the sake of the planet


  • http://www.elementalfusionstudio.com/ Jen H

    Oh this is a great contest! I would give my old Bamboo to a friend and use this one for myself!


    FB Liked, RSS Followed


  • http://tomaslau.com Tomas

    I’d use it to start drawing illustrations.


  • http://www.markgdavis.com mark g. davis

    I would use the groovy tablet to finally divorce myself from the 22+ year relationship I’ve had with a mouse. Okay sickos, get your mind out of the gutter.

    It would make me feel so 2012 and not 1984.


  • http://wwww.workingOnIt.earth Dorte Andersen

    Great competition!
    I want to win the tablet for myself, since I’m using a laptop to create images in photoshop. I’ve been on maternity leave and had a long break from the creative world, but now I’m back and in full swing of making a new portfolio. A tablet would really come in handy!

    Best regards,


  • http://www.chrizkatili.web.id/ Apridio Edward Katili

    i really Hope i can Win the Wacom
    I will Use it to Help me Realise My Dream To become Visual Artist and it will Help me much Do my Collage Project Since i Study Visual Communication Design at Indonesia Computer University


  • http://lwdigitaldesign.com Louise W

    Great competition. My uncle broke my old Wacom tablet last year :( This comment box isn’t big enough to describe all the ways in which a tablet makes my life as an artist and designer easier. And it would help teach my niece her letters and first words, we’re currently using a pound shop version of an etch ‘a’ sketch which is less than ideal!


  • kirakira



  • http://twitter.com/#!/brebory Brendon

    I’d replace my old, old Wacom Bamboo 5″x7″ from 2008 (which no longer has a working stylus) – all the new drawing real estate would get me back in Photoshop, brushing up my digital painting skills!


  • Justin Harvell

    I would use it to to draw stuff to put in my videos and photos that I make for my church!


  • Arnaud Chen-Yen-Su

    I will use it for myself to be a pro at Photoshop!


  • http://www.bossgirls.org moniquehasana

    Man, do I need this. I am taking classes to learn graphic design and after spending over $1,000 on the software I can’t afford the tablet. This would be an answered prayer. Thanks for this giveaway

    FB: Monique Jones
    Twitter: @Jesusisismygrace
    Here is my RT:



  • Roger Clemena

    I am a young aspiring artist, and I really wanna have a tablet, but i can’t have one since it’s not available here at my place, and I can’t buy online. I believe I have a great talent in drawing, but it seems that as of now, my opportunity to create astounding works is limited, since all I have is pen and paper. (I know that art is limitless, but if you don’t have that much medium, that might limit our ability to make more artistic product, and there are things that you can do with one medium, e.g. tablet, which you can’t do with just pen and paper) If I’m gonna have that tablet, I think I’ll be able to create impressive works digitally, since digital art has infinite boundaries, and so that might also expand my skills as an artist. I really want that tablet so badly.


  • Niita

    My old bamboo broke a few months ago, so a new one would really be a great help!


  • Chris Kali

    I’ve been sketching and painting since I was a kid and I’m trying branch out into digital art.. Drawing with a mouse has gotten me mixed results, and even after 1,000 hours of practice, it still feels slow and constricting.


    Chris Kali Reply:

    RT’d and all that other good stuff..


  • Jana

    I’d love to win this tablet! I’m entering a graphic design program this fall and am trying to learn as much about the field and technology as I can. I’m reading a book on graphic design right now and there is an interview with Ward Sutton in it. I love the way he combines illustration and cartooning with design. He said he was a big fan of this tablet. I’d love to see what drawings I can produce and design on this!


  • jules mcnubbin

    it’d be a really awesome birthday present for someone very special.


  • http://Www.gksphoto.com Graham Short

    If I won this it would be my first graphics tablet. I am a photographer throwing myself at every project I can, and I love to spend time retouching portraits to a professional finish, but I am beginning to discover the limitations of using image editing software with a mouse. I need more control, and winning this would give me the control I need.
    Fingers crossed so badly I may not be able to hold the pen.


  • http://www.facebook.com/kassy.james.7?ref=tn_tnmn Kassy

    I would use the tablet so I could draw out my doujinshii’s and also mangas. Also it will help me with my career of choice and college for me to become a video game animator.


  • http://www.necjar.com Airat Asadullin

    I will use this for my comics http://comics.necjar.com about very angry and smart mans… and if I win I do comics and stories about UnderworldMagazines sometimes too! 😀


  • http://www.forestfed.com Susannah Jones

    Hi! This giveaway sounds wonderful and I’m glad you guys are doing this! I really would love this tablet because I’m a budding artist, and I’d love to grow and spread into digital art design, and my current method of sketching, scanning, and overlaying with a mouse is far too exhausting and unprofessional in appearance. I’m also working on revamping my company’s website, and this would be immensely helpful with that. Times are tight, and I’d love to own this for as little as possible, so thank you for giving us this opportunity!


  • Jamelia

    I want to win this tablet, cause i never had one. this tablet is my dream. i’m beginer in design. i hope if i will win it it will help me in my work. i love design,art. i really really dream about tablet. i wish to ebery one good luck!!!!


  • http://twitter.com/#!/pomy Pomy

    Howdy! – If I’ll win, I’ll gift it to my little niece

    – Pomy


  • Serenity Reynolds

    I’m an 18 year old aspiring artist. I’m trying to get into an art college to continue my dream of becoming a famous artist. But in order to do so, I need to earn money. I would use the tablet to open a commissions art trade on my deviantart page, so I could earn money to save up. I cannot ask my mom, she is disabled and cannot work. It would be a big help to her if I could get out on my own and go to college, I’d also be the very first person in my family to go to college. This is a really important step for me, and I would be so grateful if I won this tablet. It would mean so much to me and my family. :) Good luck to everyone else who’s entering to win! You can contact me at Serenity_Weasley@yahoo.com~
    It would also help me in trying to get a scholarship, if I could show them some of my artwork I’ve done.


  • Jeremy

    I’ve done all of the mandatories. I would love to win this for my brother who has been an artist since he was only two! Thank you for the chance!


  • http://Xemnasisuperior.DeviantART.com/ Morgan S.

    Well, I would hate to deprive someone, but I would be happy to have one of these Tablets, I’ve wanted one since I was twelve and we’ve never had the money for one, if I had this I’d just be happy to have it and try to improve my Art, cruddy as it is I want to try and make people happy with it.

    I couldn’t join the RSS feed, my cruddy computer won’t let me.
    If someone else wins, I’ll be glad to know someone is furthering their talents with this revolutionary piece of machinery.
    – With Love,
    Morgan S.


  • http://mimibolyeu.tumblr.com Myriam

    I have a Bamboo Fun from Wacom, but I want this one to give to my friend Annick or Andrée-Anne. We are graphic designer and we need a tablet! It’s our best tool! =)


  • http://thorowin.deviantart.com/ Joe Neal

    I would use this to replace my now broken Wacom Bamboo One Tablet, which would be really handy now I’m starting a Graphic Design degree in September!


  • http://missdaisy14.deviantart.com Daisy Lopez

    This would be a gift for me. I’ve been wishing to have a bamboo tablet for a long time but I could not afford it. Actually I’m saving for one but whenever there is a family need, I have to use my savings. I really, really love arts and I like to enhance my talent in it. I don’t have enough art materials and it’s a dream for me to be a professional artist.

    I’m also working as a part-time manga artist but I had to hire someone online who has a tablet to clean and redraw my works. If only I have a one, I’d do it myself.

    It’s really kind of you to give away one. We appreciate it. Good luck everyone!

    **I’ve done steps 1-4 :). My twitter name: daisylopez14 and FB username: dhazey14


  • Neil Wilson

    I need to replace one that was broken.
    I’m a student and and really need this for my program.


  • Ryan

    Design has always been a passion of mine. I earned my associates degree in multimedia and web design back in 2004. I was unable to find a job do it and unable to afford more education So I am now active duty military and have been in just over four years now. I still do graphics as a hobby for now. I plan going back to school to work towards my bachelor’s degree next year and this would really help. You can email me @ rbrosnan923@gmail.com
    Thank you, and best of luck to everyone


  • Juliana Palmcook

    I never owned a Wacom or anything like it. I would love to learn something new that is so amazing for aspiring artists like myself. Thank you for hosting this contest. jpalmcook@gmail.com


  • https://www.facebook.com/danny.smith.16100921 Danny

    I would love to win this to be able to give my best friend this. She is working to become a video game designer and also a mangaka. This would be a big help to her in achieving her goals. She has been there for me for everything, including helping me succeed in my career goals. To be able to help her in such a big way would be such a wonderful feeling.


  • http://Facebook Gale Smith

    I am s single mom on disability. This is something that my daughter can use to further her ability forher career. It will make where I can be able to afford more the books and courses she needs in collage