Why I May Use Google GoMo For Mobile Websites

Why I May Use Google GoMo For Mobile Websites
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May 21, 2012 was like every other morning.  My alarm rang with the sound of a rooster at sunrise. I hit the snooze button to get 5 more minutes of sleep before starting my daily routine. I check my google Adsense and I got a happy surprise from GoMo. What is GoMo you ask? Well, let me tell you! GoMo is Google-led to help all websites have a mobile UI and friendly UX without having to spend the big bucks.
Google GoMo Homepage

Why GoMo?

With Google being the leader in its field, it’s no surprise that using GoMo for your mobile solution is a smart one. More people are using mobile devices to browse the web and the numbers are increasing each year. I checked out Underworld Magazines’ Google Analytics to see how the trend on its mobile browsing was and here are the results:
May 7  to June 6 2012 – 4275 visits
May 7 to June 6 2011 – 2146 visits
May 7 to June 6 2010 – 321 visits
The numbers have increased because of the content, but it also shows that my reader base is growing within mobile browsing.  With my traffic increase and no friendly mobile user interface for my readers, it was making it difficult for them to navigate my website.

Testing My Website

GoMo lets you test your website on a mobile device.  One of the best features about GoMo is the GoMo Meter.  What’s the GoMo Meter you ask?  GoMo helps find what your business is. For example, your business may be: Publisher, online-only, lead generation, brand driven, or multichannel.

Google Test Your Website

My result wasn’t something a website owner would like to see, but pushes me to improve UX for all devices. It’s safe to assume that if my website was taking 13.39 seconds to load, users weren’t going to stick around to wait. (count 13 seconds in your head, it’s pretty long!)
Google Test Results

Building My Mobile Website

Not only was I going to build a mobile website without coding, I was going to do it in minutes. A great thing about GoMo is that it gives you a list of developers to help your mobile website stand out more.
Google Blog Template
I found GoMo to be very useful and a quick solution for your mobile website. I would like to hear your feedback on GoMo and how you feel about it.  Please try it out and leave a comment.
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  • Robert France

    Quick test on a WP responsive themed site with chrome.

    It only shows 1 image of what the front page of the site looks like, no interaction possible.

    How does this help, with the exception of google harvesting new URL’s?



  • http://www.mailette.com adam

    I’ve tried it before, well dudamobile who are the company behind the actual solution from what I understand.

    It’s pretty cool, and effective for simple mobile sites…the live content sync consistently broke pages though ( those that needed to be tweaked from the auto import ) so would be sure to check that and maybe turn it off if you you need to fix up any design aspects. Some sites seem to import really well, others not.

    All in all, not bad for what it is, a simple mobile solution for small businesses…let us know how you find it for your Blog Julio!


  • Daniël Kersbergen

    Could you tell me how to implement this with my existing desktop-site? So if somebody opens the url on a phone it will transfer to the mobile version!