Top 10 Reasons Why Flat Design is Always a Good Choice

Top 10 Reasons Why Flat Design is Always a Good Choice
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Simplicity, classical aesthetics, useful, understandable… Aren’t these the fundamentals of good design? A number of companies and their website designers presumably don’t think so. How many websites have you visited, only to be subjected to an irritating piece of flash animation and a piece of music that has been chosen to accompany the website? This music is sometimes an assault on the senses, especially if you have powerful speakers and weren’t expecting it – and it’s arguably even worse when it’s an “original composition” of dubious quality. Why do so many websites feel the need to do this? Many users would hurriedly move their cursor to the “skip introduction” icon and click frantically, or navigate away from the page altogether. After all, we don’t need animation and music when we’re trying to check a restaurants menu online, or to simply look at the products of a pet store. Happily, many, if not most websites are moving away from this style towards Flat Design, with a simplistic yet visually striking layout, and easy functionality. So what are some of the reasons why Flat Design is always a good choice for your website?

Flat design


The visual aesthetics of a site are important, or at least they are nowadays. In the early days of web design, sites tended to be “busy” and crammed with useless imagery, as was demonstrated when Homer Simpson designed his own website. Flat Design ensures a simple, straightforward layout that is reliant on color coding and clear segmentation of functions and options.


The clear layout of Flat Design makes for a far more pleasurable user experience, improving functionality, since one of the key aspects of flat design is easy navigation.


Honesty seems like an odd thing to list as an attribute of a type of web design, but Flat Design certainly adds a sense of honesty to your page – there’s no unnecessary and flashy design to hide behind, and what you see is what you get.


Flat Design is a far superior option when it comes to Smartphone’s and tablets, as the functionality of the design makes it easier to use on a smaller screen, and the minimalist aspect means the site will load faster when accessing a site while on the go.

Flat design Smart Phones

Faster Loading

When a site is less “busy,” it loads far more quickly, and this has benefits when it comes to your Google ranking. Google places an emphasis on site loading speed as one of their difficult to fathom means of improving ranking.

The Site is Easier to Design

This is hardly a surprise, but a Flat Design, straightforward website is far easier to design than one with a lot of bells and whistles, meaning ongoing additions to your page are equally easier to implement.

Text Becomes More Important 

Typography and the subsequent selection of text means that your message can be conveyed more clearly, although while this is developed, it presents additional problems – you might find it difficult to cull text from certain portions of your site in order to fit in with the Flat Design aesthetic.

Flat design Type

Works Within the Limits of the Screen

Flat Design minimizes the need to scroll, since the page almost acts as a dashboard, with everything the user needs just a single click away. It could be argued that flat design is a more logical way of setting out information in a digital format.

Emphasizes a Digital Interaction Rather than a Real World Interaction

Some websites try to replicate a real world experience, and until Google Glass gives us viable virtual reality, this is simply not the best option for page design. Some sites try to immerse you in the product or service, to almost try and make you forget that you’re visiting a website. Flat Design is a definitive digital interaction, perhaps making the online experience a more honest process.

Flatdesign windows

It Caters to Those with a Short Attention Span

Flat Design allows an understanding of the site “at a glance.” There are no blocks of text for a user to scroll through, and as such, skim reading works in this medium – which means that users are more likely to stay on the page.

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