Tips to Developing an iPhone App

Tips to Developing an iPhone App
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iPhone, Ipad and android have become the big thing for apps and online websites. In this post you will find  Tips to Developing an iPhone App.

1. The Main Idea

The Main Idea

There’s millions of apps in iTunes and the Android market, so there’s always a lot of pressure for a new company to create an app makes a difference in the industry.  Start by improving ideas that exist.  I think improving existing ideas is step forward in making a better app.  You don’t need to focus all your time on just the idea, but more on how to improve it.

2. The Community Can Help

The Community Can Help

Feedback is important when creating your phone app.  One way is finding a community.  In the long run, it will help you give feedback, new add-ons, new ideas, and sales.  The community will be your marketing team, strategy team, and your Q & A team, so take all the feedback you can get.  It will help improve your rating on iTunes or Android market.  Get the community to play with your app by making it free on the market.  The limits of the community is up to you.  This feedback can go back and forth for weeks.

3. Designing Your App

Designing Your App

When it comes to designing your app, it’s important to have a friendly user interface.  Once a user has downloaded your app, you have about a minute or less to keep them as a user.  Easy navigation should be your main goal when designing your app.  Buttons, text, and images should all be clear.  The best way to know if your design is user friendly is by doing Q & A testing with your community.  Let them see 2 to 3 different concepts and see which one is the best to navigate.

Looks are important too, so if you’re not a designer, here are places where you can find some:

4. Developing Your App

Developing Your App

Here is the nightmare step:  finding the right developer or company that can do the job.  It’s very important to look through their portfolio. My strongest recommendation is to team up with a developer if you’re a designer.  I’m pretty sure there are developers out there looking to work with designers.  Your next step is visiting to get all the requirements needed for apple to approve your app.  Timeline at this point is very important because you will need to collect and optimize assets to fill your app with.

5. Test/Release your App

Test/Release your App

After all that hard work, it’s time to test your app before releasing it to the public.  Head over to and download the iPhone simulator (Look like this)Apple will also give you testing keys, but I think it is limited to install your app on your iphone and 2 others.  I would give one to your top community user to get a user’s point of view.  Make sure you meet all of apple requirements before submitting your app to them.  Once you’re done with testing and submitting to Apple, it will take about 2 weeks before they Apple give you the”ok.”

6. Have a Marketing Plan

Have a Marketing Plan

Marketing your app to the public is a vital step.  This is when your community will play a big role in promoting your app to the world.  Have blogs write about your app and exchange links with them.


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  • http:/// aditya menon

    Great tips! I’m a web developer, and I would like to get into Apple app development, I even received an inquiry once without marketing for it. However, I live in India, where buying even the most basic iPhone will unload my pocket of around $800. Since I cannot afford that, can you tell me if it is recommended to get into iPhone development without an iPhone? Will the simulator do the job correctly? Learning Objective C and the intricacies of app creation will be an investment of time, I just want to make sure it would be worth it… do reply and let me know! Thanks for the great content Julio :) cheers.


    Creative Director Reply:

    I find using the simulator is just as good for the first one but I will get an iphone if your looking to do something a lot bigger. Sometime what work on the simulator will not work on the iphone.


  • WukToio

    Sounds like a really good plan to me dude. Wow.


  • http:/// aditya menon

    ^^spam alert. delete this comment when you delete the above comment too, julio.


  • Simon Lee

    I think marketing is a key point here, ideas are great but without the marketing, apps can go nowhere!

    I run an iOS development agency and this is the toughest part of our job, creating a beautiful app is one thing, making it successful is in the lap of the Gods (well…the general public at least!).

    Check out our services if anyone is looking for a development partner


    Edwin Reply:

    @Simon – well said. It always comes done to marketing. You can have the greatest app idea in the world, but how will you get the product out there to the consumer.

    App games like Angry Birds are one in a million. When clients come to us, our first question usually is “How are you going to market this?”.



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  • Micah

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  • Christopher Juarez

    Whenever you begin your own do appear in to several of less likely stuff which you will have your own in-house good quality department.


  • Buckminster Hurley

    Start out creating from scrap and fixed yourself a project and start functioning. A normal technique much more or considerably less to the development area is usually to receive something to seem on screen.


  • Jerome Kinney

    Once a user has downloaded your app, you have about a minute or less to keep them as a user.


  • Brody Avery

    Very informative tutorial. iPhone App development have rapidly increased
    over the years and these tutorials prove to be very helpful.Thank you for sharing it with all of us