The Xbox Kinect opening New Windows for Advertising

Will the xbox kinect add a New Window to Advertising
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I know this post is off-topic, but after having the xbox Kinect for 5 months, it was time that I open this topic:  The Kinect opening new windows for advertising.  The leap forward that we have made with the Kinect will help bring the product into your hands.  Before I continue, if the Xbox Kinect is something you’re hearing about for the first time, check out this link before you keep reading.  When I first got my Kinect, I played it with friends and I knew it was going to be the next big thing on the market.

Kinect Video

How Could Kinect Open a New Window for Advertising?

By now you know that the Kinect is made for Microsoft’s best product:  the Xbox 360.  The Kinect replaces the controller with your hands being the controller.   There are endless possibilities which advertisers can do with this technology.


1.)  Smith is looking to rent a new place closer to his job, but doesn’t have the time to go in person to see the places.  With the Kinect, Smith can walk around in some of the apartments from his own living room.  This will make things easier for Smith and save time.

2.)  Jones wants to buy a new car, but he hates going to the dealership without knowing the details.  Jones can see this car on his tv set, open the door to this car, start the car, and  get some information before heading to the dealership.

3.)  Beth loves to shop for clothes, but hates waiting in long lines to try on clothes.  Now, she can find the stores she likes on the Kinect and try on clothes without leaving the house or waiting on lines.

I’m not telling you this will happen soon, but these are some of the ideas that this technology might progress to.

To me, the Kinect is just the starting point.  In time, the same technology will be a part of the tv set and open up to regular consumers.

Chevy was the first company to get their hands on this by allowing gamers to virtually drive the soon-to-launch Chevrolet Volt from their couches.

Can There be a Downside to This?

Microsoft has essentially made an advertising tool right in your living room.  With 8 million Kinects sold, it’s really a big advertising market.  One of the downsides to this is that when you’re in your home, 90% of that time, you’re there to relax and not trying to buy something or watch commercials.  I work for an advertising company, so I’m always looking for new ways to break out of the box.

Why Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect is Not Likely to Have Ads Yet

With Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect, players become human controllers.  So why aren’t advertisers rushing to harness Kinect’s speech-and-movement-recognition technology to get gamers to quite literally interact with their brands? —

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  • Dariea

    I wanna buy this right now.


    Creative Director Reply:

    yea its pretty awesome I have one is great for parties. Its really a hole new way of playing video games.


  • Unka’ Jorgie

    I really hope that M$ does not do that. I would hate to come home and have to deal with adverts on my gaming console. Even giving me the choice to do it would be bad. I, as a consumer, do not want to have commercials mixed into my relaxation time. Would seriously burn me up. Being a Sony owner, I am angry at them for the new PSN EULA, I always respected M$ for not selling us gamers out. This would bring them down several notches. Just my opinion.


    Creative Director Reply:

    I really do see your point of view I don’t like getting bug with deals when I’m home just trying to get some game time in.


  • Doug

    Just a heads up, the part in the article that said 2.5 million Kinects have been sold is incorrect. They sold about 8 million in the first 60 days of their release.


    Creative Director Reply:

    thanks for the info Cheers!!!


  • aditya menon

    this once again proves that offline, no company is as democratic as the web is. can you even imagine a paid service website ever running ads, interfering with the user’s tasks? no! that would instantly push the users away. but offline, once you buy something, you’re locked in – and all companies exploit this fully. whatever you buy, it’s got ads in it – newspapers, paid tv channels, and now xbox kinects. how fair is that? are they not making enough money off the console already? wtf?


    Creative Director Reply:

    lol yea but they alway want more.


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