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Whenever we try to search any information by using internet, we need to open the browser in order to search for the same. There are numbers of Browsers used and all of them have their own pros and cons. In this article we shall discuss three of the most popular and widely used Browsers, which are used by many people. Also these Browsers are regularly updated in order to make the browsing experience more pleasurable.

1. Mozilla Firefox


Firefox is one of the most popular Browsers used, as it can assist you to browse the pages quite fast and is also quite reliable to use. This also comes with number of good features and many add-ons, which can facilitate the user to have better experience with internet. Currently people use the Firefox 3.6 version in their computer.

Ease in Usage – This browser has got the ability to open number of sites simultaneously. Just with a single click you can perform bookmark, restore session, and spell check operation. All these features help while exploring the sites.

Security – As for as providing security is concerned, Firefox offers the highest security as compared to all other Browsers.  It can protect against Malware and Phishing and allows private browsing and your personal information remains protected.  If you wish you can also customize your security setting regarding your passwords and add-ons etc.

Speed – With this browser you can have very fast browsing speed and if you are using the latest version then speed will surely be much better.

Supported Configurations – You can use Firefox for Windows like XP or Vista, Mac Operating Software and Linux.

Remarks – The range of extensions offered by this browser has surely attracted people to use this browser more in order to have excellent experience in surfing.

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome Logo

This has recently appeared in the field, nevertheless Google chrome has done quite well in short span of time. It is quite simple to use and has interesting features. This browser is also quite secure and fast in speed.

Ease in usage – Google Chrome has been specifically designed to have ease in use. You can get much more Tab features in this browser at much higher level to make the use very convenient and organized. You can also get the necessary tools to keep the interface less complicated.

Security – Chrome also ensures high level security for the user and also gives warning signals to point out the presence of any suspected website. This Google browser also protects against viruses, malwares, phishing etc. By using Sandboxing technology, it allows independent running of each tab. So in case any tab develops problem, the working of other tab will not get affected.

Speed– It is quite fast and you can experience very good speed.

Supported configuration – Google chrome can work with Mac, Windows XP and Vista.

Remarks – It is preferred mostly due to its simplicity and good speed.

3. Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer logo

Ever since Internet Explorer was introduced, people have been using it and it has regularly been updated in order to meet the current demands. Even now it is most widely used browser, however, due to competition there is slight decrease in its share in the market.  You will still find in many computers, IE 6 to IE 8 as a default browser. Microsoft has recently come out with their latest IE 9 which has many new features.

Ease of Usage – IE 8 has much better tab facility and it provides better experience for those who work with number of tabs. People find Internet Explorer easy to use, since they are quite familiar with its tools.

Security – Internet Explorer has a useful security features e.g. Smart-Screen Filter and In-Private Browsing. When you activate In-Private Browsing, it prevents personal browsing session’s disclosure, and your web pages visited will not appear in history. Smart-Screen Filter can protect against malware and phishing.

Speed – IE 8 is faster as compared to its earlier versions.

Supported configurations – Internet Explorer supports Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Remarks – The IE 8 is favorable due to its security feature.

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  • Ben jimmy

    The popular web browsers should include Avant browser,or you just belong it into IE?I had never used a browser like Avant has so many friendly features and always keep the habit of old users when keep up Times


  • yuvi @ Best HTML5 player

    I like Firefox its secure and the 4th version is doing great, chrome has good speed and IE is also doing good IE9 has gained many users than its older versions now!


  • Rankjustclick

    I prefered Chrome more than any browser.
    It’s fast flexible and comfortable.
    What kind of browser that you use Crystal?


  • ดาวน์โหลดโปรแกรม

    I love Chrome browser very much because it very fast.


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  • wftdhtu

    hindi aqoe mkahanap hanap ng resullltttt!! :(