Seven Apps & Websites to Save Time

Seven Apps & Websites to Save Time
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Here are a collection of apps and websites that will make any web professional’s day a little easier. Make sure to click on 1 or 2 (or all of them) and check them out.

Mighty Deals – Great deals on valuable web tools for the professional.

mighty deals


Let’s be honest; there are a metric ton of ‘deal’ sites on the web these days. What sets Mighty Deals apart is that they have deals on stuff that you can really use if you’re a web professional like me. From icons to vector graphics and everything in between, they have the deals on the tools you use the most. Their deal of the day gets you 1 super deal per day too, so check it out daily. These are web tool deals only so don’t go there looking for deals on cars or groceries.

Best Feature – The freebies page, with lots of free stuff. I love free stuff.

Zapier – Sync data the simple way.


Syncing data between apps has always been a bit of a chore, even for those who really know their way around code. Zapier makes syncing data much easier, as a matter of fact simple, by allowing you to set up a ‘trigger’ and an ‘action’ to get things synced. Simply drop the trigger (a new photo from Picasa, for example) and action (send the new photo to Dropbox) and the new sync pathway is done and runs in the background, freeing you up to do more important stuff.

Best Feature – Zapier runs in the background or you can manually sync whenever you like. – Pick your fave site and make it your homepage.

my fav is a free, customizable start page for your favorite web browser, your iPad or your iPhone. Simply pick your favorite site from their large and growing list of sites and will make it your home page. Easy.Simple.Now your fave page is your home page.

Best Feature – Ridiculously easy to use.

5 Minutes – Take the tedium out of making websites.

5 minutes

If you’re a web pro that makes a lot of websites, whether for affiliate marketing or what have you, you know that the key is to have as many sites working for you as possible. The problem; they take so long to build. The answer: 5 Minutes. On the 5 Minutes site you can build a fully-functional website in 5 minutes (hence the name) and be up and running fast. Building multiple sites is a lot easier when you can make them this fast, but beware slightly as high-end components do cost extra.

Best Feature – 5 Minutes give you all the basic tools to fully customize each website.

1 day later

1daylater– Track time, miles and expenses the easy way.

With 1daylater all of those numbers that used to drive you nuts can now be crunched into a nice, easy to use interface that shows exactly how many miles you’ve logged, how many hours you’ve put into that project and how much you spent doing it all. It’s not meant to be able to track everything, so don’t count on it for that, but it’s a great basic app to keep track of those 3 important numbers. If you’re a salesperson or working on time-sensitive projects I think you will like this app.

Best Feature – 1daylater has a ‘shorthand’ notation system that’s easy and fast to use.

Disqus – Improving online conversations.


Disqus basically wants to put all forms of online conversations (im, text, blog comments, etc.) into one easy to use, easy to customize interface that lets you get the best of those comments and weed out the junk. Interesting, but I’m not sure if I like what looks like web censorship. Then again some of the crap out there really does need to be filtered, so maybe Disqus isn’t a bad idea after all. Disqus works across multiple web platforms too, keeping you abreast of everything being said and talked about in your world.

Best Feature – Real time posting and updating of comments across multiple websites.

Freepik – Free pics and vectors with no limits on use.


I love free picture and illustration sites and use them all the time. If you build a lot of websites or do anything where great pics are needed you will love this site. They already have over a million pics in their gallery and counting. Vectors, psd’s photos and illustrations, some of them quite stunning and beautiful, are all to be found on the site. Some of the subjects are a bit limited, to be sure, but their library is growing and they accept submissions.

Best Feature – They’re completely free to for private or commercial use.

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