New Updates From Depositphotos to Ease Your Image Transaction Online

New Updates From Depositphotos to Ease Your Image Transaction Online
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As one of the best stock photos agencies on internet, Depositphotos always tries to improve their service to the customers. For example, this month there is few new updates from this website which could be read in their official blog. One of their latest articles discusses news that might be useful for both buyers and contributors. The summary of it could be read here:

1. Licenses


First thing first is depositphotos has significantly modified the License Agreement. Although some parts of the document are still the same, there are new comprehensive explanations about the differences between the Standard and Extended Licenses to show how the licensing business works. Also find out about the comparison of some possible ways of using the files under both licenses. It will be very useful for all buyers if they are not sure which license they need.

It is also said that Depositphotos are working on making the Extended License able to purchase any file available at the website, to ease the buyers finding what they really need. Please note that the stock file price of the Extended License is now $80.

2. New Content Editor

It seems that this New Content Editor feature is very needed by the contributors in this website. Depositphotos had simplified the file uploading feature to the fullest extent and then now they are introducing some new functionality for bulk attribution. It will be such a handy tool to edit your some of your images at once. With the new Content Editor, you’ll be able to attribute as many files as you need. You just need to select the desired file or multiple files and then add their attributes; these files will be updated simultaneously. Besides that, attributing is now also easier because you can display as many as 200 uploads per page.

Not just that, also try the new Release Manager which will allow you to add important information about models, such as race, age, or gender. Are those things important?  Yes, of course! Completing attributes for you file/photos will ease the buyers for finding your images based on the type of model they are looking for. And also wait for the upcoming spell-checking functionality that this website will provide. No misspelled words anymore!

3. Subscription Upgrade

Subscription Upgrade

Now it is an update for the buyers who prefer to download stock images by subscription. Now you do not need to purchase different subscription plans if your need images changes because you can upgrade your current subscription plan to whatever extent you require. If that is not enough, you can also try custom solutions by contacting the support team by phone or email for more information.

4. Upcoming Account Mergers

This might be the best news especially for you who are a contributor and buyer at the same time. If now you need two different accounts to do both buying and selling transaction, in the coming time Depositphotos will merge the functionality of the contributors’ and buyers’ accounts. It will be a lot easier to manage your account.

Already curious with some new features that Depositphotos will offer? You can always stay updated to every new information by checking their official blog.

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