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Underworld Magazines are pleased to be working with the guys at MOO in offering a giveaway to win 100 of MOO’s business cards for 3 lucky readers. In case you’ve not come across MOO before, they are business card printing specialists, but also love to print greeting cards, MiniCards, stickers, postcards and labels – MOO do it all!

A Little More About MOO

MOO Logo

MOO was born from a passion of beautiful, high-quality print and design – they make creating and printing your own unique visions so easy. You can choose one of their designer templates or upload your own artwork to create truly unique, creative products.

Moo Business cards

Competition Prizes:

3 x 100 Business Cards – 3 lucky winners will a set of 100 MOO Business Cards.

Congratulations to:

kushla p
Stephanie Vanroelen

You all will be contacted soon with the details.

I want to thank everyone that left a comment and also retweeted this post. Thanks to MOO for sponsoring this contest..

There will be more giveaways in the future, so don’t go to far.  If you want to learn more about MOO visit their website @ us.moo.com

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My name is Julio A Rivera, I'm a Creative Director/Web Designer from New York City and I'm the Founder of Underworld Magazines also Mydesign7.com. I'm happy to share some of the web best resources and give you Inspiration. Follow me on Twitter @mydesign7
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Creative Director
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  • Steve Robillard

    I would print some of the core tenets of our continuity training program:
    People first, plan
    B will never be perfect
    cross training is key
    Big accidents get all the press but when analyzed never result from a single failure

    and our contact info on the back. We might even offer a discount for those people who collect the entire set.

  • http://www.jenn.nu Jenn

    Since I’m a “personal” blogger, first I would incorporate a photograph of myself in my business cards! And since my hair is hot pink, I’d make sure to use a photo showing off my hair at its brightest — and I’d pick a color scheme that also used hot pink, so the awesomeness that is hot pink would be further accentuated. :)

  • Ashmita

    It would add value to my freelance web business.

  • http://mesopinions.ca Francois

    Nice giveaway.
    I would put a preview of the site on one site and the url on the other, the person would want to know what exactly it is.

  • http://www.alicegraphix.com Jen K

    Wonderful contest. Lets see what would make my business cards stand out from the crowd? Well for starters my freelance logo is a cluster of funky mushrooms. Bright, colorful and a bit trippy mushrooms against a textured black background is sure to make a statement.

  • http://whodesigntoday.com Tomas

    I’d like to finally update my business cards and change the telephone number and current location.

  • http://www.slowstrutrougelips.com Monique

    Right now I really need these fancy business cards, because I do not have much going on with my blog, as far a content. I can always turn the conversation back to the nice business cards.

  • http://cyberatoll.info Haris


  • http://vanroelen.be Stephanie Vanroelen

    I would try and get RFID chips into my Business Cards as I do all things web related. A lot of technology out there can read these things and I would put my portfolio link on there. It’s a little extra that get’s people excited about technology.

  • http://www.pixel77.com Adriana

    I would add a funny colored character on my business card with a bubble saying “Just call to say hello”. Or I would make the card with a detachable hand and write something like “Give out a hand, give me a call”.

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  • kushla p

    fur. slap a bit of fur on anything and bob’s your uncle – glamour! (or tat, depending on your point of view i suppose….)

  • http://lindseybortner.com Lindsey

    I would try to gain more clients with MOO business cards!

  • Sean

    My website isn’t finished just yet so a preview is kind of out of the question for me. However I would like to have some kind of actual texture on the card. That way when a user has several cards in their hand, one with a texture might stand out just a little bit more than the others. Also, since my website will deal with the likes of of garage sales, maybe having some kind of depiction of a wooden sign with the name of my website on the sign.

  • http://HR411design.com Hector

    The answer is easy for me – I would simply place a variety of graphic art work, photography samples and a combination of both from my website. My “twist” would be composition – the art would be zoomed in and cropped, sort of like a thumbnail version of the original.
    I currently have a nice, but not exciting, 2 color design that I have published off of my printer! I have 15 cards cut out inkjet photo paper. …Moo cards would be AWESOME!!!

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  • Leslie

    I have a clothing line. I’d like to put images featuring different collections on a few different cards.

  • Jeremy

    I’d put a box on the card… and then a lit match. Don’t just think outside of the box… burn the box with my creative ideas.

  • http://www.newwebtemplates.net Robert @New Web Templates

    this is great giveaway! i would like to participate! thanks