Misconceptions of online marketing

Misconceptions of online marketing
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Today, many businesses are depending on online marketing campaign to get more traffic and spread awareness. But lots of misconceptions have developed for online marketing which must be identified for healthy growth of a business. This article will discuss misconceptions of online marketing.

Online marketing easily works

Online marketing easily works

The biggest myths of internet marketing is that people generally believes that online marketing is very simple and easy to use. Any advertising or marketing campaign takes lots of efforts and strategic ideas to get an overall campaign to be successful. New and ideal concepts are always receptive for visitors.

It takes no time to get result on internet

It takes no time to get result on internet

Online marketing is not all about overnight result. It is not a method to make quick profit; a campaign might take long time to get into the mind of people. The long term internet marketing strategy may help to get the desired result. This is obvious that message reaches very quickly to audiences but when will it affect audiences depends on the quality of campaign.

Anything sells on internet

It is not true that everything sells on internet. If you have to start a small business and wants to cover wide range of audiences and have made an online marketing campaign for it, then lots of factors matter for booming online business like SEO factor, links, speed, social media, quality of business and the reach to the prospects.

Good layout of website makes profit

Good layout of website

Only attractive graphics and layout is not enough to drive the visitors. Many factors affects in selling of online products like speed, content, text, font, and the quality are some of the key factors. Good aesthetic appearance of a website might stop visitors to go to another page but it cannot help in clicking or buying of products. Websites cannot sell when it does not exist on search engines.

Social media vogue

Applying social media option is not enough for growth of a business. Social media should use in proper way with integration of other online marketing campaign to give best result. Social media plug-in help in selling of product and increases profit, if it has been used in proper way. Social media is the best platform to discuss about product offering and the relevant feedback.

Quick result

Another myth or misconception of online marketing is that it gives rapid result. A small business needs lots of efforts and may take long term approach for brand building. Many key factors work while growing a business like consistency, SEO, loyal visitors, placing keywords in overall pages are some important aspects that must be considered for online marketing of a small business.

Business recognition drives traffic

Business recognition drives traffic

After recognition of business on World Wide Web, you may drive traffic but cannot generates sales until and unless you use internet marketing in proper way. A business can have problems with other competitors as same traffic may visit your competitor’s site, so it is the way you offer product to them matters a lot not the name of business that has position in the market.

Get new customers easily

Another misconception about online marketing is that it drives customers easily, but it is not true. Getting potential customers for a business is all about long term approach and follow –up process. Lots of quality marketing effects needs to provide to the users when they visit on website, like the way you offer product to them, positioning of product, price and SEO factors too.

Business gets success, stop update

A website gets plenty of visitors and clicks everyday doesn’t’ mean that you don’t need to update your business. Your competitors are around you to take the position. So, updating recent activity or new product information or any achievement is an invincible part to make a business successful. Keep your website up to date with fresh content and recent launch of business.

Information creates quick response and profit

It is not necessary that information may enhance sales of business. There is lots of health or business information that are available on internet with e-books options. Many times these e-books don’t sales. Over dose of information may create problem for audience.

Today, in this internet marketing era, online marketing is one of the major sources for successful business. But lots of misconceptions have been developed by words of mouth which must be considered before starting a new business. This article has discussed misconceptions of online marketing.

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  • http://www.visiblics.com/ Rekha

    I really liked your post Prashant, I also notice these misconception about online marketing that it is an easy task or we can get recognition easily, but as an online marketing professional I can say that It’s not as easy as people think sometimes. It takes years of time to create a good online reputation while it takes just few minutes to ruined it.

    Online marketing is a great way to get traffic and business under one roof but it is a tough task to attract customers to your website or for using your products and services as there are so many competitors exist in the market with same services that you have too.

    So while doing online marketing it becomes important for us to take each and every step carefully so that we can retain our brand image.


  • http://www.pimediaservices.com/ Mark Weyland

    These misconceptions are indeed very common. People expect overnight results once they start online marketing for their companies. I would like to tell these people that if you start online marketing, your customers are not able to see you face to face. This will obviously make them take some time to gain that trust on your services. So naturally online marketing is definitely not an overnight affair.