Make a Business Friendly Mobile App

Make a business friendly Mobile App
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Application development can be a tricky thing. This article enlightens us about the many ways in which business owners can use mobile applications. It also highlights a few things that one must take care of while developing apps to make it more business friendly.

Mobile applications are the in thing today. Everyone relies on an application for their various needs. Whether it is sending emails, or a flashlight, scanning bar codes or even making reservations in restaurants, there is an application for everything.

This is the main reason, why more and more entrepreneurs are turning to developing applications for their business. There are many ways in which an entrepreneur can use his/her business:

Direct sales: payable apps that can help in increasing the revenue generated per download.

Marketing: Applications today can be used as an effective tool for branding and marketing.

Mobile Commerce: creating mobile commerce sites will help people to indulge in a shopping experience through their mobile device.

Business Processes: Many times, business owners also use personalized applications to smoothen business processes. You can email, create reports, download reports and also broadcast memos and messages through these apps.

In order to make your application more business friendly, there are a few things that you must take care of:

Layout and design

Layout and design

Design and layout are the governing factors responsible for the correct outcome of the application. If you want your customer to really like your application, you have to ensure that the design and structure of the application make sense. You must also take care that everything on your application is required.

Do not flood your application with unnecessary things. Keep it simple and down to the basics. Who says you need to go over the top for a genuine app? For example, Angry Birds by Rovio is a simple app that is so genuine and interesting. It has sent ripples all along the industry owing to is perfect layout and app design.

Content Matter

Content Matter

The content material of your application, including the content the images or the gifs, has to be clear and concise. There is absolutely no need for obscurity. Ensure that your app is designed around the content that you want to be displayed and not vice versa.

If you do the whole design thing first and then the content is made to fit into it, you will never be able to convey the right meaning, with the right emphasis at the right time. This is why begin with the content and spread over to the design.

Incorporate the features of the device

Take account of the device that you are making the application for. Use the features of the gadget itself, including gestures, motion sensors, camera, flash etc. Not only does it make the application more effective it also makes the application much more welcoming and participative.

If you make a land application with the regular click button to precede kind of features, then not a lot of people will be interested in getting through it. In order to really make it an in your face kind of an application, you must make it as innovative as possible.

Remember that innovation is beyond design alone. There is a lot that can be done with an application without affecting the design. Also remember to play it cool and not flood the app with too many features. Don’t use all the characteristics of your phone at once. Use one or two, but use them really wisely.

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    Check out this free tool that lets you test your mobile app/sites to see how they look and function: Google uses it in their website, so you know it’s gotta be boss!