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I recently had the pleasure to interview about their new usability testing service.  I also have a great giveaway for two lucky readers to enjoy 3 test pages each off of (a total value of $54 for free!!).  Please read the interview to understand why this giveaway is a great deal.  Enter to win below the interview.  Thank you for reading.

1.) We would like to welcome you to Underworld Magazines. Please introduce and tell us the idea that started this company.

Thanks very much for the chance to talk about We are a design studio based in Wellington, New Zealand, and in the course of our work, we have encountered many situations where having quick, easy to use, and effective usability testing systems has been essential to our business.

Over a number of years we tried a variety of different tools, and found that they all had their own issues, whether it be reliability, ease of use, cost, or a number of other factors. In the end, we decided that we have the talent in house to develop our own testing system.

We have used it with all of our clients since, and all have been very impressed with the results we have achieved. Many asked us what the tool we had been using was, and how they could use it further, and hence we decided to launch

2.) What is and how can it help us?. is a really quick and easy to use usability testing service. It was designed by us as designers to be super easy to use, and to take the bare minimum of time to set up and test, while still providing really useful, usable results. It can help you by giving your clients more usable designs, increasing conversions, and giving you a new revenue stream by selling your usability testing expertise along with your design services. You’ll also end up with much happier clients, as they have much more usable designs. Happier clients that will not only come back to you in the future, but who will also recommend you to their friends. It’s win-win, you win twice.

3.) How does work and can everyone use it?

Using is really very simple. After you have signed up for an account, all you need to do is upload screenshots, and create tasks for people to fulfill. You can then send out the tests, and watch as the results roll in. We usually send the tests out to our clients, and on our twitter feed (@intuitionhq), and get the results rolling in seconds later.

From the users end, they simply get a screenshot with the task and click where ever they think they should to fulfill the task. will then generate a heatmap and give you a number telling you where people clicked, and how long on average it took them. If people have clicked in the wrong place, something is wrong; if people take a long time to fulfill the task, something is wrong. It’s as simple as that.

We’ve used it with a huge range of people, and the learning curve is non-existent.

4.) What makes better then, all the other types of website usability testing websites out there?

Several things set us apart: We are (in my opinion anyway) the quickest and easiest to use service out there – this is really important for the type of clients that want instant results. IntuitionHQ is designed by designers for designers. We don’t require monthly commitments, you can just buy tests as and when you need them. We have a really friendly support team to answer all your questions, and who understand it from your perspective as designers and developers. And we make really nice heatmaps and give numbers that business people really seem to appreciate. The amount of extra business providing usability testing has given us is fantastic.

5.) We would like to take this time to thank you for answering our questions. I think our readers are very interested in what you do. Do you have a final thought for them?

Thanks; usability testing is something that is often overlooked, or just seen as something for high end, huge design studios. At $9 a test, you just can’t go wrong with our service. Your clients will love it, and it will make your life so much easier as it takes a lot of the pain out of the communication process. Clients get to see what you are working on, and see the progress through the process, and hence have much more appreciation for what you do. If you want to make your design life easier, this is the tool for you. We also have some great new features and a redesign coming up in the very near future, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

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there will be more giveaways in the future so don’t go to far. If you want to learn a little more about visit their website @

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