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Our friends at kindly took the time to answer some of my questions, so please read the interview and also enter to win a one year basic plan licence.

1. We would like to welcome you to UnderWorld Magazines. Please introduce and tell us the idea that started this company?

AppGyver was founded in 2010 and is based in San Francisco. One of our products “Prototyper” helps you to make interactive mobile app prototypes in just minutes. Our team has been involved mobile app development for years and we wanted to create the best possible solution to make prototypes fast; more importantly, we wanted them to look and feel like the real thing. The Prototyping phase of app development is very important. When you have a prototype that feels like a real app, you can make all the iterations and testing tweaks without using any of your developer’s time. That makes the process fast, intuitive and cost effect by eliminating traditional waste layers.

2. How does work and can everyone use it?

AppGyver Prototyper from AppGyver on Vimeo.

AppGyver Prototyper is very easy to get started, just about anyone can use it. You simply upload your mockup images or Balsamiq wireframes and begin setting various interactions within the layout. You can link views, or give some other actions, such as activating the device’s camera etc. If you don’t have ready mockup images, you can use our integrated drawing tool.

3. What makes better then, all the other types of platform to develop mobile apps out there?

AppGyver Prototyper focuses on pixel perfect prototyping, and allows the user to upload ready mockups rather than building the prototype out of building blocks. That makes the end result look like the real thing, and all the functionalities provided makes the experience super cool. One prototype even fooled some Apple techs at a recent hackathon; they thought it was a real app!

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