How HTML5 will change web app development

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The buzz around HTML5 continues to grow. Application developers, hardware makers and browser designers have all given the new language of the web two enthusiastic thumbs up. As word trickles down to regular folk, they’re also getting excited about HTML5’s potential.

Why HTML5?


HTML5’s purpose is to improve the language of the web. It consists of three different kinds of codes: HTML, which gives structure; Cascading Style Sheets, which handles presentation; and JavaScript, which pulls everything together.

HTML5 has been designed to do away with the need for additional software like browser plugins. It handles animation, apps, music, movies, and everything in-between. What’s more, HTML5 is cross-platform.

That means it will work whether you’re browsing on a tablet, notebook or smartphone.  Thank you, HTML5 Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox 4, IE 9 and Safari 5 already offer HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript support, which can only mean good things for HTML website developers and designers alike. Here’s just a few HTML5 features guaranteed to capture your imagination.

Better custom fonts


Web fonts continue to gain traction. The Web Open Font Format (WOFF) is part of the HTML5 spec, while independent services like, Google Web Font API and Typekit enable content creators to improve the look of text without resorting to images or flash.

New HTML5 Boilerplate

The brainchild of Paul Irish and Divya Manian, HTML5 Boilerplate is the result of more than two years’ development.

It features oodles of best practices, plus techniques for creating compatible sites that look the business in both old and new browsers.

Loads of innovative projects have already used HTML5 Boilerplate. And all this can be yours thanks to its public domain license.

Need more HTML5 Boilerplate resources?

Nettuts has kindly published Paul Irish’s Official HTML5 Boilerplate guide here.
Want to team your HTML5 Boilerplate with WordPress? Here’s how.
Developer Brian Blakely has compiled a list of tips here.

HTML5 is pro SEO

Many of HTML5’s features are intended to improve SEO and organic site discovery. That means more targeted traffic.

Multimedia applications also benefit from the HTML5 treatment. They load quicker than before – fabulous news for folks viewing content from a mobile device.


Thanks to the new HTML5 geolocation APIs, location data is available via any HTML5-compatible browser-based application.

Super-smart forms

Forms are a slicker affair thanks to HTML5. Text inputs, search boxes, and other fields are improved; likewise validating data and interaction between page elements.

Ensure your HTML website is both well designed and optimized, minus large sums of money and extensive man hours in development time. is home to hundreds of free HTML website templates and a free HTML editor, both due to launch March 26, 2012. Wix is already renowned for its uber-popular Flash website builder.
HTML templates are available in ever professional category imaginable including showbiz, Facebook pages, fashion and eCommerce.

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Natalie Chandler

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