• http://www.ahprinters.com A. Mehta

    How true, A properly designed logo with some thought put into it makes all the difference when marketing the product or shop, I paticularly agree that “The Consumer must be able to associate a product with the logo. This is the reason why simplicity always needs to be the main element of the logo.”
    A. Mehta


  • http://www.dararyan.com Dara Ryan

    Interesting article. I particularly agree with your comment about entrepreneurs trying to select complex logos when a simplicity is often much more effective.

    Not only is a simple logo often more effective, but it is much easier to incorporate into a variety of situations such as the logo sub-branding that you discussed. Another thought is that they also tend to work better across many different types of media – both print and digital.


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  • http://www.logosnap.com Fred Richards

    Great example of logo branding with Nestle. Start-ups need to keep this longevity and creative in mind when they design their first logo. It’s best if you have a big picture vision so that as your company grows and you extend your brand you can incorporate what you have already done into the growth.


  • http://my.opera.com/johnaleston/blog/2012/12/15/the-game-of-controlling-different-target-audiences-with-your-logo-designs logo design

    This is really good. You have elaborated the topic very well. Being someone who is associated with designing i can guarantee that this blog post is very useful for the designers.