Google Penalties Who Don’t Follow Discipline of SEO

Google Penalties Who Don’t Follow Discipline of SEO
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Google, the internet giant, has become the starting point of the online activities of majority of the internet users. Google indexes information about almost everything around thorough its search algorithms and displays the most relevant content it finds corresponding to the search words. SEO techniques try to bring websites at the top ranking in search results to drive most of the traffic with a number of shortcut techniques also used for ranking boost.

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On the other hand, search engine algorithms have grown extremely intelligent. Google has released the Panda Update so that spammers and shortcuts experts can be penalized by dropping down their ranking by assessment of certain attributes. For website optimization, Google has set certain terms of service and can be found in the Google Webmasters Guidelines and any SEO strategy failing to abide by these rules is penalized. Literature has different names for these Google penalties like “total exclusion”, “30-50 penalty” and the “sandbox”. These can be classified as:

  • Rank suppression.
  • Trademark suppression.

No matter what name is selected for them, Google penalties can be thought of as the “Plague” in the internet world. The relationship between faults and their punishments is very much complicated and quite a difficult task to generalize which violation triggered which penalty. Quite often more than one penalty is imposed which makes it even more difficult. However, some of these penalties are briefly discussed here:

Wrong Way

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Google Penalties Who don’t follow discipline of SEO

Domain Level Redundancy: Cloned sites are one the major causes of triggering Google penalties. DNS in pointed from various domains into a single directory causing each one to display exactly the same site or equally interlinked multiple domains. If Google figures this out, a severe Google penalty of trademark suppression is imposed.

Content Redundancy: Utilization of the same content over multiple websites or pages usually triggers this penalty. Even if you copy someone’s content or someone copies yours, it can be triggered because automatic algorithms cannot detect which one is the original. In this case, authority of the content and pages is lost even of the homepage if duplicity is substantial.

Sub domain Issues: Sub domains cannot be treated as they are the pages of the primary website. They must have their own content and structure and cannot share that of the main site’s. Trademark suppression penalty is triggered if the sub domains are not being properly implemented as separate domains and are just used to boost the ranking in search results.

Issue of Bad Neighbors: This penalty is triggered depending upon the reputation of the websites your primary website is linked to. Spam websites, doorway pages, link farms and other sites with explicit content are included in the bad neighbors. Link farms are basically websites without any relevant content but just links to other websites.

Linking with Google Banned Websites: It seems pretty logical that linking to such websites is going to trigger Google penalties. By linking to such websites, Google takes the meaning that you are supporting those websites.

There are a number of other penalties imposed by Google which everyone wants to avoid. Therefore, try to use those SEO techniques which do not violate the Google terms of service.

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  • Deliseo

    Crystal, i agree with you, since Panda, link farms are bad for SEO. But some Black Hat techniques are always powerful to increase rankings.


  • Will Paige

    Some interesting points that I didn’t know about before. Thanks for the information.


  • Rosaria Lucchesi

    Hey Crystal, as you said that linking with Google banned websites will hurt our own site, I agree with that, but how do you know whenever a website be banned with Google?

    For example: Today, the website is good so you link to it but it’s not in tomorrow; so, do you have any tool to check that?