Freelance Designer Showcase: 10 Beautiful Websites From Designers Around the World – N.20

Beautiful Website From Designers Around the World
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In this week Freelance Designer Showcase, I wanted to showcase 10 Beautiful Websites From Designers Around the World. There a lot of great work out there that Freelance designers have created, but I have also been seeing a lot of designers own websites being designed really beautiful and user friendly. Who cares where your from at the end of the day we all do what we enjoy the must, which is design great work.  Enjoy the great work showcase also don’t forget to submit your website below this post. If your looking to get your feet wet in the design field here is a list of school you many want to look at 13 Great Design Schools that are perfect to get you Started in Design. – I stand again, my name is Jorge and I am Rigabert  web designer, graphic y. .. well, I think I can actually say more. I was born and I still see life go by in Zaragoza, the wind and why not, 
desert and beer.

macmillan lynch – I had just graduated from design school at the turn of the century and jumped into the volatile freelance world. I thought having a name that sounded well established would provide immediate street cred.


matthew mcclatchie – Hey, how’s it going? My name is Matthew Mcclatchie.  I’m a freelance Web Designer and Developer. That’s why you’re here.

eddie diaz design – Hi and welcome, My name is Eddie Diaz, Graphic and Web designer located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I have many years of experience in the design field. Many of these in the communications industry that include newspaper design, magazine art directing and radio. Although I have vast experience in all aspects of design. My specialty is Web Design and Branding.

petex studio – Hi guys, my name is Feijing (Pete) Xu, born in Beijing, China, currently reside in Vancouver, Canada. I have been working in this area for eleven years. I’m passionate about what I do, I love being creative and I hope this comes through in all the work I do.

paantcho – Hi, I’m a guy responsible for the way of impress the people, visually: Create or draw and give live to something intangible. I live in União da Vitória, Brasil and I’m currently the creative director of brazilian agency Giraffe Interactive Communication and work as a freelancer.

bfeely – Hello. My name is Bennett Feely. I want to provide you with a modern website that looks great.

benny roth – Hey there. My name is Benjamin and i´m  a online designer based in munich, germany.

made by vadim – My name is Vadim & I am designer living and working in Moscow.

dino-zara – My name is Dino Zara, passionate Web Architect/Designer, I’m 22 years old. Recently graduated in Web/Multimedia at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard (Namur), I’m currently working at Globule Bleu.


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    today there are a lot of website developer who produce beautiful art in promoting a website which help a lot in every sites owner..


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    Very impressive list of freelance designer sites! Some great inspiration for my next site redesign for (full portfolio site)


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