Design Agency Of The Month is BBDO Russia Group

BBDO Russia Group
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UnderWorld Magazines is always looking to add new sections to it’s website so this month we have added Design Agency Of The Month which every month we will pick one agency to feature on the website. This month it was BBDO Russia Group a very talented design agency in Russia. We will only showcase 3 to 4 high quality projects. If you want to see more of BBDO Russia Group visit they’re website.

BERING FISH / Simpler than Fishing

Our canned fish is as good as the fish you may catch out in the open sea. Just without all that terrible hustle. Media – City light boxes in public transport stations next to fishing gear shops and regular fresh fish markets.

Fishing Consequences


Fishing Dangers


Fisherman’s Tale

Fisherman's Tale

Google / Google Maps – Know before you go

Trying to find a suitable hotel, we are often faced with a catchy attractive advertising which paints such a tempting picture you want to drop everything and find yourself there. But sometimes the truth is far from perfect. If only you could know before to go. Google Street View gives its users this opportunity. It is easy to find the hotel you have chosen on the map and see it as it really is.

Alpine Fairy Tale


Grave Yard


Sex Shop

Sex Shop

Pedrigree Dentastix / No bite, no info

Dogs use their mouths as humans use their hands. When they bite into something, they do it because they want to understand more about the object: taste, texture, temperature, etc. The bite represents 20% of a dog’s senses. This means that if his teeth aren’t healthy he can’t bite it. 20% of his world is gone. That’s why the dog can’t understand what some objects really are. With Dentastix you can keep his teeth healthy and his world complete.

Running Shoe

Running Shoe



Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball

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    The article is great! Really cool works! I think it’s not true at all when designers from other countries say that Russian web design is still not very developed! The level is good now!