Cutting Edge Web design to Keep A Lookout for in 2012

Cutting Edge Web design to Keep A Lookout for in 2012
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2012 web designs need to be simple yet trendy. There has to be a depth in the work style. Substance is being given more importance than the beauty. Techniques which are simple and functional are being employed to increase the accessibility of websites. Most of the companies are accepting websites designed by employing simpler techniques and limited color combinations. is the Current Example of Content Management System:

The technique of keeping apart the content and the style is quite conspicuous in the latest web design of ACCE. It has involved the extension of existing techniques to provide more savory look to the web page. The home page is extensive as well as a tour guide to the whole site. This web design is solely devoted to display the chamber web design. Segmentation is the star feature of this site where access to relevant areas is granted to different types of users. Multiple entry points to the web content provide the chance of saving time to the visitors.

User Interface Design:

Cutting edge web design is best supported by user-friendly interface. User interface needs to be user-friendly. User is likely to make mistakes while browsing. The opportunity to undo the action relieves the user from worrying about the mistakes. Simple language is the main requirement of these interfaces as users may not be able to connect to terms alien to them. AJAX is one playable option that allows user to make changes in web page without refreshing them.

User-Centric Web Design:

User is the one who is going to use your web page and make it a hit. So, usability of web design is the star attraction of 2012. Optimizing the chance of link being clicked by the user is the trick that every designer wants to learn. Users do not read the page they scan it, get attracted by the possibility of finding something meaningful and then explore further. Web designs exploiting such habits will go places in 2012.

Use of Badges, Ribbons and Slogans:

Use of Badges, Ribbons and Slogans

The web designs are being presented as some gift offered to the user. Hence, splendid use of such icons on web design is seen as the current style. These design styles increase the cognitive factor of the web design. These should be designed in such a way to provide a gateway to the user to the world full of relevant information. It should not be testing the patience of the user.

CSS3 and HTML 5 Usage:

CSS3 and HTML 5 Usage

These ramifications of existing technology are the main ingredients of cutting edge web design. Less words and use of interesting slogans to hit the psyche of the consumer are well achieved by these techniques. They are additionally useful in increasing the visibility of the sit on various interfaces. Nike site and Expression Engine are some of the existing web designs that are designed using these updated versions. Navigation will be an intelligent process and it will be not a hindrance in the overall journey through the website.CSS3 navigation tools are gaining popularity for their logical functions and scrolling through the web pages is an enjoyable experience.

SEO Improvisation:

SEO service and web design has to be in sync with each other. The visibility on major search engines is the success formula of web sites. Design displaying passion about the product and the urge to make more and more people a part of the project is being liked a lot. Images and flashy slogans, story building around the logo theme are displayed in many SEO oriented websites. Content and style both are placed at suitable distance to avoid over-shadowing of any one concept.

Web design of cutting edge quality requires the design to be trendy and very useful. It has to be neck-to-neck with the requirements and interests of the user. Simplicity and less time consuming behavior of the web design are the most sought after features of current web design trends. The use of  commonly used objects like cake, cream, leaves and candles or flame are used effectively to convey the underlying meaning to the users. Attracting more and more users to visit your website among the hoard of numerous options is the sole task of web designer.

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Nick Levitan

Nick Levitan

This is a guest post by Nick Levitan, convinced that coding will become mainstream, maybe we should all be studying the internet more closely at a College of Business and Technology.
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