Creating Your Mobile Site

Creating Your Mobile Site
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Your small business probably has its own beautiful website that works well with a huge monitor, keyboard and mouse. But is it optimized for mobile viewing? Did you know that traditional web layouts tend to fall flat on tiny smartphones? What might be easy to click on a computer monitor is almost unclickable when visitors are navigating using just their fingertips.

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People are using their mobile devices to access the web more and more, so there is no better time than now to consider creating a mobile-friendly version of your site. This can be either a separate lightweight mobile version, the same site but with a responsive theme or even native mobile application. Regardless of the chosen option, there are certain mobile features you need to keep in mind when designing your mobile experience.

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Loading Time and Shortcuts

As a rule, people are using their mobiles to look up nearby businesses (shops, restaurants, cinemas, night clubs etc.) when they are on the go. This is not a relaxed, lazy search, but a fast and concentrated hunt. Therefore, mobile users want a fast loading site and anything slower than 6-8 seconds seems like an eternity when you need to find something as fast as possible.

It’s also vital to create an easy path for the user to contact you. You’ll definitely have more success if your website has a ‘Contact Information Bar’. This bar should contain easy-to-tap buttons that will immediately link the user with your email, map location, scheduling form or let him or her make a call with a single tap. Click-to-call functionality is one of the most useful features you mobile site can offer. If I find a hairdressing salon and I want to make an appointment, I want to be able to put my fingertip on their Call Us button and get linked with the phone line.


If possible, make your mobile website lightweight and laconic. Present your most important information only: logotype, working hours, assortment (service description) etc. Pay attention to your images. Mobile phones are much smaller, so make sure the user can enlarge every single image on your website. If your business is built around selling, this is all-important. High-quality, zoomed images will help your visitors make the purchase decision. Keep you content simple and remember that your visitors’ devices might not be compatible with all media formats, like Flash.

App-Like Experience

Mobile applications are extremely popular, partially because of their incredible ease of use. Therefore, one of the best ways to design your mobile-friendly site is to create an app-inspired layout: huge buttons, logical navigation, nothing extra. It makes sense to add links to your major social media accounts. Thus, your visitors will be able to join your company via their mobiles and explore your profiles later at home using their PCs.

Easy Shopping

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If you sell something or have a registration form, make it as fast and smooth as possible. Nothing scares visitors away faster than a 50 feet long registration form and checkout process. Smooth shopping and fast processing are very important characteristics of mobile commerce. The entire process should not take more than 3-4 steps. Otherwise, you might lose out.

The benefits of having a mobile-feature-rich website are obvious. The good news is that creating an optimized site doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work overtime. If you use Webydo as your web publishing partner, you are able to create an exceptional, effective mobile-friendly companion to your primary site simply by switching from the Desktop to the Mobile editor in the admin panel.

Webydo is one of the leading professional online website design platforms for the savvy and professional web or graphic designer. So if you are creating a website for your client and looking to create a well rounded, feature rich and optimized site, Webydo is your best option to get the job done.



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    Really! mobile websites have made our world smaller.Now we can do our work easily on mobiles.Large buttons and easy navigation are must tips for any mobile app and site developer to make it a success in today’s market.Create a website which has less images and more workable content.