A Designer Guide to Create Your own Superhero Logo

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Being people of the 21st century, we are quite familiar with every prominent brand and logos in existence. But this blog post would be deviating from the mainstream logo and would be dealing with a subject, which has not been prominent in the earlier times but it could be a big area of study.

So, let’s begin this blog post with a straight- in-your-face big bad question-

Had it ever crossed your mind whenever you are going through your favorite comic book while sipping a cup of frappe’ that What went through the minds of the designer when they were designing the age old logo of the Caped Crusader or the Man of Steel or the Punisher?

The superhero’s emblem plays a pivotal part in building up the character. The logo can have its comparison at par with a Chevron. (Chevron is a term which is used to describe an indicator on the sleeve of the uniform depicting the rank or the length of the service).

These superhero logos cannot be the offspring of the random imagination as the designer requires days and month of burning the midnight oil for the coming up with the single logo design which can define the superhero for ages. A huge amount of investment goes into the creation of the Logo. Be it fonts, color combinations or the design, the same effort goes into the logo as same as a brand. Just like a brand logo is based on the value of an individual brand, a superhero logo is being made keeping in mind the personality of the superhero character.

The comic book industry with over 475 million dollar market value makes a huge amount of profit from merchandising products through the logo image or the monogram. Thus the super hero logo has to be well thought of by the designer.  Not only has this logo become the important part of the superhero identity, if the superhero gets popular with time, the logo finds its way on belt buckles, coffee cups, pins, banners, paintings, T-shirt motif as well as business cards.

There are certain guidelines which have to be followed by the designer to come up with the superhero emblem. This blog post would be taking up some of those guidelines through the following lines.

The logo has to be simple, self contained as well as symbolic.

Simplicity Rules

Simplicity Rules

Simplicity is the crux of the matter. Whenever you are planning to start off with the logo design, the cardinal rule is to keep it simple. Always keep in mind, the simpler you would be keeping the logo more memorable it would become.

Keep it Self-Contained

One of the biggest necessities of a superhero logo is to make it reproduced on several mediums. All the dimension of the logo has to be symmetrical. The diameters of the logo should be equal. If any of the sides are disproportionate, it would be extremely difficult to interpret to another medium.

Relating the Symbols

Symbolism is something which personifies the superhero. It is the essence of the character. The logo should be something which would be defining the essence of the character. Sometimes during the development of the superhero, this essence gets lost in the logo itself. So it is the responsibility of the designer to keep parity between the characterization of the personality and the emblem. So a skull and bone emblem is never fit for the one who is the savior of the society.

When you have started to design the logo, there are certain considerations that you have to keep in mind. Certain elements like color, fonts and images play a definitive role to come up with the superhero’s trademark.

The Fonts to Use

The Fonts to Use

As a designer you might be getting exposed to several kinds of fonts. You might come across fonts such as curved or straight ones. If you are planning for a superhero who is authoritative and resolute, it is best to go for the straight fonts. Curved fonts are informal by nature and it is much relaxing to perceive. On the other hand straight fonts are representative of one’s ability and aptitude.

The Imagery to use

The Imagery to use

As discussed in the above stated lines, the symbol is a representation of the superhero characteristics.  Take the example of popular DC comics’ superhero Batman. His emblem has been in the process of continuous evolution. One of the iteration of his symbol comprised a yellow oval with the silhouette of the bat filling the foreground. Symbol represented antagonism between the light and the dark. The bat represents justice he used to serve the criminals and yellow background represented light side which he came from.

The Man of Steel, Superman, in his recent reboot compared the ‘S’ emblem on his chest as the representation of hope in his mother planet Krypton. As far as the other iteration goes yellow portion of the red symbol represents the sun or Solar energy, where Superman draws his power from.

By now you would get the idea, the logo design is much dependant on the traits and the power the superhero has. If your character can fly or take darkness as his sanctuary, you can always represent him by a flying creature. Or a skull and bones for character that is really out for vengeance and ready to unleash his killing streak on the criminal society.

The Superhero Hues to Use

For any logo design color plays a pivotal role. The uses of red and blue, yellow and green, black and white are quite common in creation of a superhero log. Take the example of DC superheroes with the like of Superman, Batman, Flash or Green Lantern or Marvel one’s like Spiderman, X-men, Avengers or Deadpool,  you will find these colors to be common in their logo design.

All these colors have their own share of traits. Red represents emotions and feelings ranging from passion and energy to rage and violence. Color black represents authority and influence as well as the secrecy and death depending on the character. The use of color represents the sun’s power as well as negative traits such as avarice and fear.  The blue color is used mainly for the superheroes who are saviors by nature as blue is a color which represents dependability and trust.

So if you want to have that perfect superhero symbol of your own, it is best to put all his essence into that one emblem which would help him to stand for the humankind forever.

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