Best “Out of the Box” WordPress Themes

Best “Out of the Box” Wordpress Themes
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When it comes to WordPress themes; the list is as long as the distance from here to Mars – or so it seems, anyway. Whether you’re want to set up a photography showcase, an online magazine or an ecommerce site, there’s a wide variety of WordPress themes available for first time and more experienced users alike. But finding something which is both wholly unique and easy to set up can be challenging; especially when you consider just how many themes there are to sift through. This is why we’ve collated a list of our favourite “out of the box” themes that have the added bonus of being slick in their design.


Karma Theme

The Karma WordPress theme offers superb 3D effects, ensuring your site is up to date with the latest trends, it also offers powerful colour combinations, unique layouts and it is so easy to use. It doesn’t matter if you are not overly computer literate, this easy, yet very stylish and unique theme is simple to install and use.


Modest Theme

A sophisticated yet simple designed theme, complete with unique colours where you are in control. Adjust the features, change your layout and even amend your colours with this easy to use WordPress theme.


Dandelion theme

The Dandelion WordPress theme offers professional JQuery sliders; the theme is flexible with simple colour schemes offering a unique WordPress theme for almost any business. What makes it stand apart from the rest is it is simple yet elegant in every way.



A sophisticated yet simple designed theme, complete with unique colours where you are in control. Adjust the features, change your layout and even amend your colours with this easy to use WordPress theme.


Impressive Theme

Impressive is one of the clearest WordPress themes yet, offering a crisp design that is simple yet professional, it stands out from the rest making it an easy site for all visitors with colourful displays.


Clear Type Theme

Cleartype theme is a colourful and modern them that is easy to use for designers and simple to navigate for users. It’s unique, crisp and clear design makes this a popular choice when choosing a WordPress theme.

My Mobile Page

My Mobile Page Theme

The My Mobile Page WordPress theme is completely “out of the box”, designed specifically for smart phones; this theme comes with smart codes, mobile detection codes and custom administration.


Icarus Theme

Icarus is an ecommerce WordPress theme that offers a delightful and unique design. The theme comes with two themed layouts, galleries and easy to manage product categories.


Invictus theme

Invictus is a completely unique WordPress theme with a black and white theme, slider video support and image sliders. Offering you the ability to have a professional and different website to make you stand out from all the other sites on the net.


Mazine Theme

Mazine is a stylish and different ecommerce site offering designer product categories that are simple to navigate for anyone visiting the site. The stylish design combined with easy navigation makes this theme unique.

Modularity Lite

Modularity lite theme

The Modularity Lite theme is the perfect theme for photography enthusiasts with its unique dark background which enables the photographs to really stand out and take centre stage. The design is simple enough, but offers that unique punch that you may be looking for.


Display Theme

The Display WordPress theme comes with a unique 3D image slideshow, combined with the three skins; this is a completely “out of the box” theme that stands out from the rest of the themes available, easily used by both beginner and professional designers who want to advance with technology.

1st Giant Leap Mobile Theme

1st Giant Leap Theme

The 1st Giant Leap WordPress theme is for those business people who think “out of the box.” This theme is specifically designed as a Mobile WordPress Template and is the perfect choice for those businesses that want to advance with ever improving technology.


iWorld Theme

The iWord WordPress Theme is taking design to a whole new level, exclusively designed for iPhones and iPod Touch, this theme is the ideal choice when trying to market to the millions of Apple users around the globe whether you have a site, blog or portfolio you wish to market.


Mobitheme Theme

Another fantastic mobile WordPress theme that offers a wide selection of colour choices, making this theme unique and different. With built in Twitter, this theme is perfect for any business that wants to market to the smartphone market.


Nova Theme

The Nova WordPress Theme is absolutely beautiful due to its clean and crisp design. The unique design of simplicity combined with the versatile sliders makes this the perfect theme for any business.


Simple Press Theme

The SimplePress WordPress theme is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to create forum section for their site that will stand out with a captivating design, unique features and high quality. Offers easy navigation to all users with a professional and enjoyable experience.



The Minimalisto WordPress theme takes minimalistic and modern to a whole new level. This clean and crisp design comes with two great skins where the pictures actually do the talking for you.

Brick & Mason

Brick Mason

The Brick & Mason them is a unique theme for photographers and designers who want a different way to showcase their work. Let your customers scroll through all your pictures and photographs on one easy page.

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