Advantages of Magento over osCommerce

Advantages of Magento over osCommerce
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What is the need for analyzing the advantages of Magento over osCommerce? Will this be the reason for many promising and futuristic organizations switching their eCommerce needs to Magento from the traditional eCommerce portals?

Magento is the most renowned shopping cart development services provider and has gained high popularity in a shorter span. Being one of the oldest eCommerce platforms in the market, osCommerce has enjoyed the supremacy and with the advent of Magento and its user-affable approach, osCommerce has started to decline and lose the war to Magento. This is evident with the search engine listings that bring in Magento at the first place over any other eCommerce development portals.

Regular updates:

Regular updates


Magento is superior to osCommerce in a number of ways and the most prominent among them is the potential to enrich and surprise its users with regular updates. This promising eCommerce solution is enhanced on a regular basis and the Magento store owners and the Magento based web developers are informed about the persistent releases and code updates. The operating structure and the rate of recurrence of osCommerce are not up to the standard of Magento shopping cart development platform, and with its old-fashioned software, the expectancy for process enhancements has no scope.

Add-on modules:

Add-on modules

With all the features of osCommerce embedded in it, Magento deepens its relationship with its users with the extensive range of add-on modules. Store owners are credited with full freedom of owning multiple stores supporting multiple languages and the controlling of these stores is made possible from a single admin panel. The chaos and the worry of maintaining multiple stores at a time are washed away with the expertise of Magento. Few of the well-known add on modules of Magento include shopping estimator, product comparison module, Meta tags and URLs for search engine optimization, module for editing the orders and many more. The users of osCommerce are not endowed with any such advantageous add-on modules.

Default template:

Default template

The rigid graphic design template method and the inflexible template installer selection makes osCommerce very complicated for its users to think about new installation or customizing the existing templates. Magento is a user-affable and a mobile-friendly eCommerce portal that holds out numerous default themes and templates, facilitating the store owners to tailor them as per their specific requirements. These default templates and themes help in providing an improved and standardized look to the online stores powered by Magento. Maintaining Magento customization and promoting Magento installation have become much simpler with the aid of modular codes.

Cleaner Codes:

The massive codes of osCommerce and the collapsed back-end structure make it appear disgraceful. Magento with its spotless admin codes and well-structured backend system supports easy processing.

Engaging user interface:

Magento makes the users fit into place and involve themselves in its user-welcoming and flexible system. Magento’s community is amplifying everyday with the kind of classiness it offers to the web developers and store owners. The simple operating mechanism of Magento does not require any technical skills for operating and this encourages many to use this advanced eCommerce portal than its predecessor osCommerce that lacks user-engaging attributes.

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