3 Great Online Resources You Should be Paying Attention To

3 Great Online Resources You Should be Paying Attention To
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In case you haven’t noticed, the Internet is big. Really big. There are so many websites that even if five million monkeys typed on five million computers for five million years, they still would never visit every website in existence. It used to be that if you wanted to learn more about technology and finding great resources for information you could visit an online encyclopedia, or gasp, visit the library. However, today’s knowledge is much too fast-paced for such archaic forms of learning. If you really want to know what’s up in the world, try visiting these three resources for the best knowledge anywhere in the world. You can’t use these sources for research papers, sadly, but you can use the knowledge to impress your friends and find out about the latest gadgets.



What it is: Kind of a first-person Wikipedia. Quora connects thousands of people all over the world with other people that share the same interests. Say you want to learn more about a medical procedure, you can quickly type in a question and get an answer from a real doctor. You can also use the site to bookmark important resources for later, including legitimate sources that you can use for research papers.

Featured content/products/etc: This varies based on your interests. If you have a thirst for online couponing, then you can connect with other coupon enthusiasts and discover information about the latest vouchers and deals available online. If you are more into learning about the news, then you can connect with others interested in the hottest news topics and ask questions about current or historical events happening anywhere in the world.

Why you should use it: Because all the cool kids do. Actually, Quora is a more updated and professional version of sites like Yahoo Answers and Pinterest, allowing you to ask questions and receive answers in real time while bookmarking important topics to research and visit later.



What it is: Gizmodo is one of the original tech reporting sites on the web, yet it still remains the best. On Gizmodo, you can learn the latest news about technology products and the changes you can expect to see online and offline in the tech market. Not all content is purely informational, however. Plenty of articles focus on the lighter side of technology, such as articles about the 10 best time-wasting phone apps or the history of technology logos.

Featured content/products/etc: Anything tech related. If you want to learn about the latest computer parts, what to buy for your next laptop upgrade, and the new features you can expect your phone service provider to offer, this is the place to go. You can learn everything from what NASA is doing today to what are the best headphones currently on the market.

Why you should use it: The fun, yet informational, tone of Gizmodo is what keeps it popular and growing. Learning about technology shouldn’t be boring, and Gizmodo never disappoints.

Boy Genius Report


What it is: A website offering the latest technology reviews and information for the biggest techies in the world. All of the articles are written from first-hand experience, so you really know you are receiving reliable information without speculation or invention.

Featured content/products/etc: Technology, including phones, tablet computers, games, tech news, and anything else related to the technology industry. Not for the casual technology browser.

Why you should use it: While Gizmodo often offers irreverent and off-the-wall content, most of the content at Boy Genius Report is reliable and informative. This doesn’t read boring, however. There is enough non-serious content at the Boy Genius Report that will keep you entertained and informed at the same time with topics like game reviews and funny tech news stories that actually happened. But on the whole, Boy Genius Report provides technical, detailed information perfect for the technology enthusiast.

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