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Weekly Inspiration: 34 Movie posters of 2012 – N.37

34 Movie posters of 2012

This week’s inspiration is movie posters of 2012. I want to showcase some of the latest and creative movie posters.  Read more…

Signs that You’re Working with a Bad Developer

Signs that You're Working with a Bad Developer
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I’ve worked with many developers for years now.   Signs that you have a bad developer don’t show right away, but if you wait too long, it might be too late. Read more…

Startups You Should Get to Know

Startups You Should Get to Know
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There is millions of startups some are great ideas and some not so great ideas. I truly feel it’s hard trying to create something new but it’s always a good idea to build off something. Read more…

Freelance Designer Showcase: 11 Creative Websites – N.27

11 Creative websites

Its great to do a Freelance Designer Showcase. I always enjoy showcasing some of the best work out there from websites, paintings, and a lot more. Read more…

7 Stippling Creative Artwork

7 Stippling Creative Artwork

I can’t say that I know much about stippling but it’s been showing up around the web a lot in the past two months. Read more…

(WINNERS)Custom Sticker Giveaway by Sticker Mule


We’ve got a killer giveaway for everyone today. Sticker Mule wants to give 2 lucky readers $100 in free custom stickers. Read more…

2011 Christmas Gift Guide

2011 Christmas Gift Guide
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Its been pretty hard finding things to buy this year. I will be doing my Christmas shopping a little late this year and will be buying things from my 2011 Christmas Gift Guide. Read more…

Weekly Inspiration: 11 Creative Christmas Designs – N.36

11 Creative Christmas Designs

With Christmas about two weeks away I have been trying to do a post about Christmas every week. If you don’t know what to get a designer for a gift this year just visit my 7 Online Stores to Shop for a Designer This Christmas. Read more…

7 Online Stores to Shop for a Designer This Christmas

7 Online Stores to Shop for a Designer This Christmas
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Everyone is really busy shopping for Christmas gifts, but sometimes it hard to find something good for people that are in the creative field. Read more…