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Freelance Designer Showcase:17 Amazing Freelancer Designers – N.6


It’s time to start the week off with 17 Amazing Freelancer Designers featured in this week’s Freelancer Designer Showcase. I started this showcase a couple of months ago to expose some great designers from many different fields. Read more…

Weekly Inspiration: 7 Design Agencies With Creative Projects – N.11


I wanted to do something a little different for this Weekly Inspiration. I am displaying great work from some of the best design agencies from around the world. For this week, I have 7 Design Agencies With Creative Projects. As a designer, I’m always looking for creative ideas and inspiration. Read more…

15 Awesome and Creative Fonts to Download


It’s time for me to give you guys some new fonts to download. Use these fonts to make your design projects really stand out. Here are 15 Awesome and Creative Fonts to Download. I say this over and over, fonts can make or break a design. Read more…

FIFA World Cup 2010 Wallpapers, Icons, and Fan art


Now that the World Cup is only one day away, I wanted to make this post about FIFA World Cup 2010 Wallpapers, Icons, and Fan art. The world cup is a really important part of soccer because it brings people together to enjoy the game and drink beer. Read more…

Freelance Designer Showcase: 23 Graphic Designers from around the World – N.5


It’s time to shine the light on 23 Graphic Designers from around the World in this week’s Freelance Designer Showcase. I know graphic design is a challenging field, but once you make your way, it’s a great job to have. Read more…

20 Helpful Firefox Add-ons to Download


Firefox is one of the best browsers around, but there are thousands of extensions that makes Firefox even better. Firefox tools help designers, bloggers, coders, and a lot more users save time by having everything in one place. Read more…