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30 Creative Website Footers


A creative footer is hard to find.  Most website designers use a standard footer, but I think there is a lot you can do with your footer.  This includes adding your twitter updates, popular posts, recent comments, and Flickr photo streams.   Read more…

Freelance Designer Showcase: 30 Freelance designer Business Cards – N.2


To kick off the second Freelance Designer Showcase, we wanted to showcase 30 Freelance designer Business Cards.   A business card is very important in a designer’s life.   You never know when it will be the perfect time to network and meet your next client. Read more…

20 new beautiful fonts to download


After making a post about 20 awesome fonts to download, it will be great to touch up on fonts once again by giving you 20 new fonts to download. So over the weekend, I took the time to look around a website that I really enjoy called Read more…

17 Effective Dropdown Menu Resources


Every web designer gets creative when it comes to designing the navigation for a website.  They try to make it standout and think of all the things the navigation should do.  The easy part of making a navigation is designing it.  After that, comes the challenging part:  coding it.  A basic dropdown looks simple to code. Read more…

Weekly Inspiration: 20 Cool Website Image sliders – N.8


We all like to display projects that we have worked on.  What better way to display them by using an image slider on your homepage.   Here, I have picked out 20 Cool Website Image Sliders that I think do a great job showing the best way utilizing sliders.   Read more…