10 Html5 Game Websites

10 Html5 Game Websites
  • SumoMe

I Have been play online and game systems for years now. I have seeing games made in flash and other software to now being build in Html5, and  seeing a full game made only in CCS3. Html5 is slowly becoming the new Flash, all the cool things that your able  to on flash, like drag and drop, loading bars, and etc… are things that your able to do now with html5. One great resource for html5 is Github.com its a social coding website. Here I have 10 Html5 Game Websites and game makers at are developing new games in html5.


html5 games


html 5 games


canvas demos


rocket pack


impact js


canvas rider


free civ


games for language


yoyo games


gaming mozilla labs

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  • http://www.html5grind.com/ Ian

    Also: HTML5 Grind (www.html5grind.com), “a new website devoted to the up-and-coming world of HTML5-based gaming and game development.”


    iwebwork Reply:

    Nice list of Sites By the way i love the design of the blog … freevic seems good .
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  • http://inspirationfeed.com inspirationfeed

    Great find, get ready for a traffic hit! 😉


  • http://www.leaflette.org leaflette

    Woww, never thought that html5 games can be this awesome, I am excited to try all of them! Thanks for sharing, a great post indeed. :)


  • jakeZ100

    While these games are pretty impressive for being mostly built using html5, they are extremely retro. Mostly last generation re-hash of flash content. Looking forward, flash and molehill will bring some fresh and exiting content to web based games once again.


  • http://www.html5-games.org/ Norbert

    It makes me sad that my website http://www.html5-games.org/ isn’t mentioned here. The website currently has 385 entries, far more than any other website you mention in your article. It provides video footage of the games in action, allows people to add comments/ratings, search for games with certain features, and members have their own profile pages. What am I doing wrong? If you look for ‘HTML5 games’ via Google, the website is on the first page. So you probably found it but still decided not to list it. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Some of the game directory website you list only have dozens of links to games, while mine has hundreds of them. Please tell me why you don’t like my website, so I can improve it.


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  • http://html5game.ru DaniilKhanin

    In Russia we have http://html5game.ru where collect more than 200 games.


  • http://www.designious.com/ Adriana

    I really liked the canvasrider website :) Nice article!


  • http://joyplay.com/casinoparty CasinoParty
  • http://asteroidsinc.com Jarred

    Asteroids Inc.

    Here is a game I created using only the HTML5 canvas object and JavaScript.


  • http://www.html5gameengines.com html5 game engine

    Great list! Those HTML5 games have really come a long way.


  • Mike

    You can add http://www.html5gamers.com/ to the list :)


  • http://www.google.com Rex

    Nice sharing on html5 posts, but did any one wonder that how to make this kind of games?

    While googling I just found a tutorial which explains how to make a game in html 5
    Just sharing it with you all people


    Keep posting on html 5


  • http://www.topz10s.com Amrinder Singh

    Nice sharing man. Keep posting on HTML5 and CSS3


  • Rob

    Also new to the list is Social-Wars. It’s a retro doom-like multiplayer shoot-em-up where Facebook players play against Twitter. Have a look at http://social-wars.com